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Aihe: [CQ-Contest] EU Sprint Contest

> EU SPRINT 2000
> The EU Sprint Gang hereby invites you to participate in the four 
> European Sprint Contests held in 2000.
> Entrants: any licensed station may enter  the Sprint. European 
> stations can work everybody, stations outside of Europe can work only 
> European stations.
> Categories: Single Operator ONLY. Only ONE signal may be aired at  one 
> time.
> Dates:
> EU SPRINT Autumn:
> SSB: first Saturday in October - 7 October 2000 - managed by I2UIY
> CW: second Saturday in October - 14 October 2000 - managed by OK2FD
> Time: from 15:00 UTC until 18:59 UTC.
> Bands: 20, 40 and 80 meters only. 
> Pilot frequencies are: SSB: 14.250, 7.050, 3.730. CW: 14.040, 7.025, 
> 3.550
> Exchange:  all of the following data MUST BE PART OF THE EXCHANGE: 
> a) your callsign, 
> b) the other station's callsign,
> c) your serial number starting from 001 (RST not required),
> d) your name or nickname.
> Please note that BOTH callsigns MUST be repeated by BOTH 
> stations. 
> A  valid  exchange is: "OK2FD de I2UIY 118 Paolo"  while  "OK2FD 118 
> Paolo" is NOT a valid exchange.
> Special  QSY  Rule: if any station initiates a call  (by  sending  CQ, 
> QRZ?,  etc.),  he is permitted to work ONLY one station  on  the  same 
> frequency. He must thereafter move AT LEAST 2 (two) kHz before he  may 
> call another  station or before he may solicit again (CQ,  QRZ?, 
> etc.) other calls.
> Valid contacts: valid contacts are QSOs correctly logged and 
> confirmed.  Each  operator may use ONE and ONLY one  name  during  the 
> Sprint.  If  the exchange is copied incorrectly,  that  operator  will 
> receive zero (0) points. In case of  miscopied callsigns, both 
> stations will receive zero (0) points for that QSO.
> Scoring:  each valid QSO counts one 1 (one) point. The final score  is 
> the total number of QSOs.
> Awards: Colorful certificates will be issued  to the winners. 
> Results  will be forwarded as soon as possible to Leagues, 
> magazines and bulletins.
> Logs: a single chronological log is required. PLEASE SEND US YOUR  LOG 
> ON  A FLOPPY DISK. Use any of the available software or send  a  plain 
> ASCII file. A separate summary sheet is required too.  Please 
> send us the right files: if you use DL2NBU's sw, we want yourcall.ASC 
> file, if you use N6TR's sw, we want yourcall.DAT file, if you  use 
> the  IK4EWK's  sw,  we want yourcall.DBF file. If  you want the 
> latest  release of the DL2NBU software, you can download it 
> from <http://www.kkn.net/~i2uiy/free_sw/eu_sprint.zip>. 
> Logs  must  be sent NO later than 15 days after the  contest  to the 
> appropriate address:
> -  Autumn  SSB Sprint: Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, P. O. Box 14, 27043 
> Broni (PV), Italy.
> -  Autumn CW Sprint: Karel Karmasin, OK2FD, Gen. Svobody 636, 674  01 
> Trebic, Czech Republic.
> Logs  for any of the four events may also be sent by Internet Mail  to 
> <eusprint@dl6rai.muc.de>. The receipt of your electronic log will  be 
> confirmed.  If you don't receive a confirmation within two  days,  try 
> again or use the postal system.
> You can find the EU Sprint All Times Records by visiting the 
> official EU Sprint web site: <http://www.kkn.net/~i2uiy/>.
> Thanks  in advance for your participation de: G4BUO, I2UIY, OK2FD  & 
> the B.C.C. Sprint Committee.
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