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Longmont, Colorado - 7 September 2000

A message to all ALPHA customers, fans and friends...

As you know, we sold Ehrhorn Technological Operations, Inc. several years
I subsequently repurchased the ALPHA amateur radio amplifier line that long
had been
ETO's raison d'Ítre, and incorporated it as Alpha/Power, Inc. Although I had
25 years to ETO/ALPHA and wanted to pursue other interests long postponed, I
strongly wanted the ALPHA tradition to be carried on.

Fortunately, almost three years ago I was able to persuade John Brosnahan,
to become president and technical director of Alpha/Power. Under John's
Alpha/Power's worldwide reputation for delivering the most advanced and
finest HF power
amplifiers and customer service in amateur radio has been enhanced even
more. But a
combination of health issues and family obligations now makes it impossible
for John to
continue devoting all or most of his time to ALPHA operations.

We've had a great run of more than three decades "on top" ... I'm not
willing to risk
that ALPHA legacy. Nor am I aware of any person or entity with the desire,
the proven
ability, the commitment, and the resources to acquire ALPHA and perpetuate
the standards
to which we've been dedicated for thirty-one years. In the event such
interest does exist,
however, we remain open to serious discussions. In the meantime...

When the current run of ALPHA 87A and ALPHA 99 amplifiers is completed, we
terminate engineering and manufacturing operations.

Warranty and post-warranty service will continue to be available at
Longmont, Colorado - at its current street and e-mail addresses, phone and
FAX numbers.
Every warranty will be honored in full. And, of course, this final batch of
new amplifiers
will carry ALPHA's standard 4-year, non-prorated limited warranty.

This very likely is the last chance to buy a factory-new, fully warranted
ALPHA 87A or
ALPHA 99. We suggest acting quickly to avoid missing it. ALPHA amplifier
specs and
photos are on our web site www.alpha-power-inc.com. For delivery information
and to
order, call Scott or Dianne at (970) 535-4173.

73 ... and may The Power be with you!

Dick Ehrhorn, W0ID/W4ETO              John Brosnahan, W0UN
Chairman & founder                           President & Technical Director

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