[CCF] Skandinavista operaattoria etsitään:

Jari Jussila Jari.Jussila@oh2bu.pp.fi
Wed, 01 Aug 2001 10:02:28 +0300

Daily DX today:

Jim, VE1JF, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, seeks experienced contesters from
Scandinavia as guest ops for a serious one-time M/S effort in the SAC
CW (15/16 Sep) and SSB (22/23 Sep) weekends. Candidates should
contact Jim promptly at: jwfisher@alumni.princeton.edu. Pictures of
Jim's F12 3-stack can be seen at http://force12inc.com/F12-stacks.htm.
Jim's 80 meter 4 square (which VE7SV piloted to #2 in the world 80
meter SOHP in the 1998 CQWWCW test) can be seen on p. 9-13 of ON4UN's
latest edition of DXing on the Low Bands, over the caption "The Dream
QTH of VE1JF". Rigs 1 and 2 are MP Mk V and MP, both driving Alpha
87As. This is your chance to experience the SAC from the other end.
VE1JF was audible recently at OH/W3UR and OH0/W3UR!

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