[CCF] Austria approves expanded powerline trials By Reuters staff

harri.mantila@nokia.com harri.mantila@nokia.com
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 15:52:17 +0300


Kohta OE-asematkin kärsivät entistä enemmän häiriöistä! Mihin tämä maailma
on menossa???

73 de Harry OH6YF

> Austrian utility EVN was given the green light to expand its field trials
> of the Powerline Internet technology on Tuesday, which hooks homes up to
> the web through electricity sockets rather than phone lines.
> Infrastructure Minister Monika Forstinger said in a statement the system
> still has to be approved as an Internet service provider, but it would be
> treated as a normal electrical appliance in terms of safety regulations.
> An EVN spokesman said, "This (the governmental approval) is an absolutely
> positive signal."
> EVN said it had received 15,000 queries from potential customers and had
> asked Swiss hardware provider Ascom to reserve 20,000 decoder boxes.
> It also has said it is likely to be seeking an Internet services provider
> as a partner for the venture and that it would charge a flat rate for
> Internet usage. 
> Total Telecom

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