Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff@pt3.tempo.mol.fi
14 Aug 2001 08:16:00 +0300

WAE DX Contest, CW
Call: OH1F
Operator(s): OH1NOA
Station: Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 35,5
Radios: SO2R
Band QSOs Mults
80: 33 72
40: 110 78
20: 302 74
15: 466 90
10: 49 56
Total: 960 1813(*) 370 = 1,024,530

(*) = QTCs

WAEDC is very unique contest and it is unfortunate that there was a lack of DX
participation. Propagation was very good on 15/20m but I made a lot of CQs
without anyone answering (especially 20m Sun afternoon). 80m had some good DX
signals (JE4VVM, JA3YBK, HS0AC, PY/LU) but I had a hard time with USA and XL3UZ
barely copied me. On 10 meters JA opening lasted 5 minutes and US opening 15
minutes. Another low points were thunderstorm on Saturday (lost 30min extra)
and some PC crashdowns (I think that current version of CT does not like
Also allowing Cluster to everyone means HUGE pileups to those few multipliers -
especially on 80m/10m. My multipliers should be higher or was there less
countries QRV this year?
Anyhow I am satisfied to my score which more than doubles the current OH record.

TS850SAT + Alpha 91b
TS830S + HL2K
80m GP
40m 3el yagi
20m 4/4el yagis, 4el yagi
15m 4/4el yagis, 4el yagi
10m 6el yagi

73 Timo OH1NOA

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