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Aihe: [CQ-Contest] New WAE-DX-Contest Manager DL6RAI

New WAE-DX-Contest Manager

Herbert Ade-Thurow, DL2DN, has been the WAE-DX-Contest Manager for
16 years. After processing the last logs of the year 2000 WAE DX
Contests Herbert was finishing his work at his own request.
His official discharge takes place at the autumn meeting of the
DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting.

On August 18, 2001, a WAEDC team meeting was held in the shack
of DF0HQ in Ilmenau/Germany. The most important result was that
Bernhard Buettner, DL6RAI, became the new head of the WAEDC team.
Other participants of the meeting were the Vice WAEDC Manager
Dietmar Kasper, DL3DXX, the WAEDC logserver administrator
Dr. Michael Hoeding, DL6MHW, and the Chairman of the DARC
Committee for DX and HF-Contesting Dr. Lothar Wilke, DL3TD.

We wish Ben, DL6RAI, good luck with his new task. He will now
compose his team and prepare any possible changes in the
organisation or the rules of the WAEDC. The contest rules
- which have not seen major changes for 11 years now - will be
under discussion during the public part of the autumn meeting
of the DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting.

Possible points of discussion could be:

- The multiplier. The multiplier system of the seventies - where
Europeans counted also the call areas of JA, PY, VE, VO, W, ZL,
ZS and UA9/0 beside the normal DXCC entities - is still said to
be the most balanced multiplier system. It was abolished when
the US radio amateurs stopped signing their portable location
(e.g. W2XX/7) and the assignment of US callsigns became impossible.
It can be reintroduced if the US amateurs append their state to
the contest exchange since the electronic contest log programs
then detect the call areas.

- Indicating Low Power contest participants (100 watts or less)
with an asterisk (*) after their callsigns in the official results
proved a success. Introducing a separate Top Ten for them could be
a new challenge for some contestants.

- In the WAEDC all single operators are allowed to use DX cluster.
However there are still many participants who are not interested
or able to use this source of information during the contest.
Shall we introduce a new Non-Assisted category?

Please send your opinion to dl6rai@darc.de.

Dr. Lothar Wilke, DL3TD
DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting 

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