Teijo Murtovaara teijo.murtovaara@pp.inet.fi
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 00:15:49 -0000

Tässäpä workkimistulokseni. Meinasin heittää koko homman kesken
lauantaina 14Z, kun ääneni lakkasi kulkemasta. Kisa jatkui kuitenkin
rauhallisemman workkimisen merkeissä DVK:n nappia painellen
ja plokaten! 80m:llä ei ollut toimivaa antennia, joten kertoimet jäivät
surkeiksi. Kaikki tuntui vastustavan kisassa. Sunnuntaina toi lohtua
muutaman tunnin avaus jenkkeihin illalla. Edempänä tarkemmat
kommentit in english.

                CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 2001

      Call:      OG6NIO
      Category:  Single Operator Assisted
      Power:     High Power
      Band:      All Band
      Mode:      SSB
      Country:   Finland
      Zone:      15


      160       12       11     0.92      3      12
       80       38       41     1.08      6      29
       40       54       87     1.61     11      49
       20      482     1183     2.45     30      98
       15      687     1740     2.53     30      98
       10      757     1477     1.95     31     100

     Totals   2030     4539     2.24    111     386  =>  2,255,883

All reports sent were 59 15, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

Remarks: I had a very busy week before the contest and my throat had
been very sore so I did not expect much from this contest. I spent
my friday evening trying to retune my 80m delta loop without any success.
Finally I just extended an old 40m dipole @ 45 feet for 75m. I knew it
would take much more than that to be able to work any dx on 75 m band.
When I was finished with the dipole I hurried inside because my shack
was not yet arranged for the contest. Once again no sleep before the
contest. I wondered if there could ever be a contest where everything would
be ready and finished in time and I could sleep well before it started.

The band conditions in the contest were quite funny. At the start 10m
was open into USA as well as 15m. Although 15m sounded much better I
started on 10m. I just wanted to see how long I could play on 10m because
I was not expecting a big score anyway. It is also very rare here in the
north to start CQWW SSB on 10m so I could not resist the temptation. Around
01Z I QSY'd to 15m to continue working USA. At 03Z I started on 20m and
briefly visited 40m at 0630Z. There was quite a wind blowing during the
contest and it pulled one leg of the 80m dipole against my tower and
detuned it severely so that it was useless most of the first day.
On 160m I had to survive with only 100W which was hardly enough
considering the propagation. There were some stations coming 59+30db but
they did not hear my 100W peanut whistle. Maybe they were running much
much more power than I because I did not have any trouble hearing much
weaker signals. In the morning 40m was worse than normally so I spent
most of the time in the morning on 20m working USA and EU.
Around 07Z I QSY'd to 15m to start with the JA guys and around 09Z I
started on 10m. I worked mostly europe but also some asian stations.
Later also USA started to come in. 14Z when USA was coming well I
finally lost my voice so I had to quit working the pile-up. I almost
quit the whole contest but I continued because I wanted to get as
many points as possible for the club competition. So I soon
made a QSY to work a few mults on 40m. From now on I had to keep
quiet and only use my DVK to S&P some new mults. 17Z I quit and
took a break. The rest of the contest was occasional short runs
with a lot of S&P and looking for new mults. I also had a lot of
time to rest and sleep. My offtime was almost 18 hours! Finally
on sunday evening at 1850Z I realized that 15m was opening into
the states so I started to call CQ. The fun and my voice lasted until
2220Z when I moved to 80m. I spent the last hour first on 40m and
then on 20m just trying to find some new mults. Quite a different
experience this time as I was well rested after the contest!

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