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Timo Timo" <timo.klimoff@kolumbus.fi
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 12:03:57 +0200

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Aihe: [CQ-Contest] DX Holiday has moved

> DX Holiday, "The Ultimate DXpedition Resource", has moved to a new server.
> DX Holiday is a site that lists QTHs around the world where people have
> operated on DXpeditions, and provides information on how to contact the
> owners.  There is information on Rent-a-QTHs, Ham Friendly Hotels, and Club
> stations.  Please change your links to:  www.dxholiday.com.  The old  site
> at http://pages.prodigy.net/k2kw/qthlist will be decommissioned in the near
> future. The response and support for DX Holiday has been great, with new
> locations and information coming in all the time.
> In addition, the "Team Vertical" information on vertical antennas for
> DXpeditions and past operations has been moved to my personal site at
> www.k2kw.com
> Thanks for all the support!  Kenny K2KW
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