[CCF] FW: [ntcc] Slain Texas police officer was amateur

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Tue, 2 Jan 2001 13:37:50 -0600

Lieko tasta mainittu mitaan Suomen uutisissa, mutta seitseman vankikarkuria
ryosti yhdesta naapurikaupungin urheiluliikkeesta aseita ja talvivaatteita
jouluaattona. Paetessaan ampuivat paikalle tulleen poliisin, joka
ikavaksemme sattui viela olemaan hamssi. Surullista. 

I just read this at the ARRL web site:

An Irving, Texas, police officer shot and killed after answering a robbery
call was an Amateur Radio operator. Aubrey W. Hawkins, KC5USI, died on
Christmas Eve while responding a robbery-in-progress call. He was 29.
Hawkins had been a police officer in Irving since October 1999. Police said
this week that seven escaped prison inmates wanted in connection with the
killing remain at large. A funeral service for Hawkins was set for December
28 at Calvary Temple in Irving. He is survived by a nine-year-old son.

Kris N5KM

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