[CCF] Eestin leiri samaan aikaan kuin SRAL:n leiri

harri.mantila@nokia.com harri.mantila@nokia.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:54:28 +0200

73 de Harry

> Tervehdys!
> Tässä katkelma ERAU:n puheenjohtajan lähettämästä viestistä:
> "We are glad that you liked the camp
> and definitely you are most welcome to our this year's summer camp
> that is held near Viljandi, on the shore of lake Vortsjarv (ES7 call
> Unfortunately the timing might put you before a serious choice - we set
> agreed on the place and time already rather early, in last September,
> but did not announce it too widely yet. To our great disappointment we
> received an invitation from SRAL Summer camp organisers at the end of the
> year that had exactly the same dates chosen for OH summer camp... As
> traditionally the OH camp has been more towards the end of July, then we
> really did not even know to be afraid of such a
> situation, but now it has happened. So, the ES summer camp will also be
> on the 1-st full weekend of July, i.e. 6-8th of July.
> With best greetings,
> 73! Arvo, ES5MC"
> Taitaa valitettavasti jäädä käymättä....

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