[CCF] FW: Yaesu help, anyone?

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loytyyko OH-maasta apuja oheisen kaverin ongelmaan?
73 - Esa w5/oh7wv
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I am trying to locate for an Aussie ham friend the following for his

MSM9520RS LSI counter chip Yaesu part number G1090249 on the digital display


I am told this chip was discontinued from stock by Yaesu five years ago
may explain why the Aussie mate has been unable to locate one in the six 
months he's looked. 

Any help, guys and gals?  Like the chip, a cross reference or where I might 
find the display board itself from a 'parts' radio. 


73 from Bill Smith, W5USM 
  "Shortwave Since 1950" 

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