[CCF] FW: [ntcc] Photos/Description of Lots of Old Radios

Korhonen Esa.P (NET/Dallas) esa.p.korhonen@nokia.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:40:43 -0600

Mielenkiintoinen webbiosoite. Kyllapa oli nostalgista loytaa kuva
Geloson RX'sta jolla aloitin vuonna '76.....

RigPix ( http://www.rigpix.com/index.shtml )provides 
over 1950 pictures of radios. 

The radios are searchable by keyword or browsable by 
manufacturer. A list of manufacturers is on the left 
side of the page. Each manufacturer name has, in 
parentheses beside it, the number of pictures available 
for that model. 

Choose a manufacturer. You'll see that each 
manufacturer's page is divided into subcategories in 
the left panel, including Mobile VHF/UHF, Base VHF/UHF, 
and Handies/Portables (different manufacturers have 
different categories.) The middle of the page contains 
listings of the radios in a table with the following 
columns: Pix Model, Band/QRG, Mode, and Quicknote 
(which seems to be a section for bits of information 
like date of manufacturer and number of channels.) 

The model number is linked. Click on it and you'll get 
a page of information about the rig -- and a picture, 
of course. Not all pictures are photographs. Some of 
them are catalog scans -- there are even occasional 

The middle of the site's front page contains a search 
engine if you'd rather search by keyword. On the right 
side of the front page there are topical listings of 
pictures, including Linear amplifiers, early TV-sets, 
and Tubes/Valves. This site also has a limited 
selection of schematics and user manuals. Worth a look. 

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