[CCF] CQWW lokit elektronisesti

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff@pt3.tempo.mol.fi
18 Oct 2001 10:51:00 +0300


Due to security concerns, CQ Communications Inc. is asking all participants in
CQ-sponsored amateur radio contests to submit their logs electronically. All
logs for the CQ World Wide DX Contest, the CQ WPX Contest, the CQ World Wide
160-Meter Contest, the CQ World Wide VHF Contest and the CQ/RTTY Journal RTTY
contests should be submitted via e-mail per instructions in the rules for each
contest. For additional information, see the "Announcements" section of the CQ

( http://cqww.com ei tietenkään tiedä asiasta mitään )

Kuten eräs jenkki CQ-Contest reflektorilla niin osuvasti kommentoi:
"Is CQ going to have the same policy with all mail received at your office?
What about all of those magazine renewal checks or advertisers' checks that
come through the door each day? I bet those pieces of mail will be quickly
opened! "
Tai W4AN: "Illogical paranoia"


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