[CCF] CCF WW in CQ WW Contests 2001!!!

Harri M. Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF Harri M. Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF" <harry@oh6yf.com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 00:32:37 +0300

 Hello All!

CCF, Contest Club Finland, is arranging it's own trophy program for the
OH/OH0/OJ0-stations during CQ WW Contests!

There are also trophys sponsored for the stations working the most
OH/OH0/OJ0/OH-pedition stations during CQ WW. Take a look on the program at:
http://www.qsl.net/ccf .

Remember, CCF and SRAL are arranging the next WRTC 2002 Contest next summer
in Helsinki area. Maybe, you can find out something more about the
propagation conditions to the Northern hemisphere of WRTC, as well.

Web addresses:
http://www.qsl.net/ccf Contest Club Finland
http://ccfww.oh6yf.com The trophy program straight
http://www.wrtc2002.org WRTC 2002 home page
http://www.sral.fi Finnish Amateur Radio League

Operators outside of OH/OH0/OJ0
All the other stations working OH/OH0/OJ0/OH-pedition stations will be
evaluated according their logs sent separately to the Contest Club Finland's
CCF WW Program: ccfww@oh6yf.com.

Every station will get one point for every QSO with OH/OH0/OJ0/OH-pedition
on every allowed band during the CQ WW DX Contest. There are no restrictions
on the number of the operators taking part from one station into this
special competition. Of course all the OF/OG/OI-contacts are valid, as well.
Many stations are using a special OG call sign in CQ WW 2001 from Finland
and Aland Islands. Remember, they are valid as well!!! No duplicate contacts
are allowed.

All entries must be sent no later than December 1, 2001 for the SSB section
and January 15, 2002 for the CW section via Email to ccfww@oh6yf.com

73 de Harry OH6YF


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