[CCF] Vl: [3830] CQ160 CW VY2ZMM Multi-Op HP

Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen@kolumbus.fi
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 07:33:23 +0200

Oheisena uuden 160m superaseman taustaa.

Ari, OH1EH

>                     CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW
>Call: VY2ZMM
>Operator(s): K1ZM,K2WI,WW2Y
>Station: VY2ZMM
>Class: Multi-Op HP
>Operating Time (hrs): 37
>QSOs: 1246  States/Provinces: 58  Countries: 66  Score: 1,112,156
>Hi Gang
>Rob, Peter and I wish to thank all of those who called us over the weekend 
>during the CQ 160M CW Contest.  We think we provided most everyone who wanted 
>it with the rare VY2 multiplier in this event.  Glad to do it; we will do it 
>again - HI!
>For those who have asked, this is a new station up in Atlantic, Canada on 
>Prince Edward Island located on a 45 acre parcel with the station directly on 
>the coast.  Most preferred directions look out over salt water oceanfront to 
>maximize the available propagation.  Jeff, K1ZM, decided to do this in order to 
>join the "beacon" (VE1ZZ) up in low-band "GOD's country" after hearing Jack's 
>outstanding 160M signal over the years from visits to A6, ZL, PY and other 
>places.  (If you can't lick 'em, then JOIN 'EM as the story goes.....so that's 
>what we did.)
>Our xmit antenna is a K2WI/WW2Y design using (4) full-sized 1/4 wave Rohn tower 
>radiators, on insulated commercial bases, with phillystran (non-conductive) 
>There are about 77 on ground copper wire radials under each radiator, with 
>cross-bussing and circumference bussing for good measure and, hopefeully, even 
>current distribution.  The transmit array, which is also used on RX, has the 
>capability to develop seven (7) usable patterns with up to 8dbd of forward gain 
>in the most useful directions.
>Complementing the xmit array are 7 beverages the longest of which is over 2000 
>feet in length.
>We operated as a true multi-single with one FT1000D xmtr, shared by each of the 
>three operators using separate RX systems for true diversity reception.  For 
>all nighttime hours, all three operators were operating/listening full-bore to 
>maximize point production during the critical European run times.
>We are most grateful for the comments posted about our signal, for the kind 
>words seen on the various packet clusters during the contest and for the .wav 
>files sent to us by several stations in Europe.  We really appreciated the 
>comments you sent us as it makes all the hard work feel "worth it" over the 
>past two years that it took to bring this site on the air.
>One thing we tried very hard to do was to be able to HEAR WELL in addition to 
>being able to XMIT WELL.  From all we can determine, we believe we did hear 
>pretty well over the weekend.
>This is a station still in its infancy - there are BIG plans on the drawing 
>boards.  It can only get better - especially on RX.
>Thanks again to all of those who worked us - if you need a VY2ZMM QSL, please 
>QSL DIRECT to K1ZM, with SASE or IRC enclosed.  We have just printed up some 
>handsome 3 color cards for the operation and these are ready to go to anyone 
>who wants one.
>NEXT UP - ARRL DX CW on February 16/17th.
>If all goes well, we should be on in ARRL DX CW once again with a **NEW** 
>CALLSIGN - VY2ZM in that one.  Hope to CU then.....
>One story that is worth telling is that this station is located 1.5 miles off 
>the road down at the water.  All transport into and out of the place during the 
>Winter is by means of a snowmobile and sled combination.  The day that Peter 
>and Rob arrived on PEI, we suffered a 2 foot snowstorm with high winds and 8-10 
>foot drifts of snow.
>On the way out to pick the boys up, the snowmobile "buried itself" (so says 
>K1ZM!) in an 8 foot drift, which meant a two hour walk out on snowshoes to pick 
>up Rob and Peter at the airport.
>Then a snowplow buried the K1ZM Jeep Cherokee in a 6 foot wall of snow where it 
>was parked out at the road.
>By the time Rob and Peter were met in the capital city of Charlottetown, it was 
>dinner time (they had arrived at 1405hrs) and we wound up spending the night in 
>a hotel - we did not want to chance a 2 hour walk down to the shore in the dark 
>on snowshoes!.
>The next day it took 5 of us to retrieve the snowmobile from ZM's front yard 
>and, thereafter, the WX cooperated pretty much for the rest of their stay.
>One can appreciate the OH6XX type operations in deep snow after this weekend.
>PEI is a "whole 'nother place" and mother nature makes MOST of the rules there 
>- not man alone!
>CU in ARRL CW in two weeks if all goes well.
>73 JEFF/K1ZM, Rob/K2WI, Peter/WW2Y
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