[CCF] WRTC2002 Press Release #13 - Wild- Card Teams

Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen@kolumbus.fi
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:10:13 +0200


            At its meeting of January 5, 2002, the full Organizing
            Committee reviewed the wild-card applications received
            to date and other selection related support elements to
            complete selection of the remaining WRTC country teams.

            It was realized  that the WRTC had now reached such
            public exposure and popular appeal that an impressive
            array of the world's most prominent operators were involved
            in the preliminary process, mindful of the constraints imposed
            by the current WRTC framework for facilitating all potential

            Every effort will be made to bring the contesting
            world to Finland to join the event, not just as competitors
            but also to perform other duties or just share in the
            camaraderie of this friendly event.

            The WRTC2002 Organizing Committee is pleased and honored
            to welcome the following teams to Finland to compete and
            meet the very best in amateur radio contesting:

            OE2VEL Wolfgang Klier
            OE9MON Carl Maurer

            DL2CC Frank Grossmann
            DJ7AA Wilfried Gottschald

            RA3AUU Igor Booklan
            RV1AW Andrei Karpov

            SP7GIQ Krzystof Sobon
            SP2FAX Kazimierz Drzewiecki

            S50A Tine Brajnik
            S59AA Franc Bogataj

            OH6EI Tomi Ylinen
            OH2XX Kari Lehtimäki

            ZS6EZ Chris Burger
            ZS4TX Bernie van der Walt

            5B4ADA Ivo Pezer
            5B4WN Marios Nicolaou

            UN9LW Vladimir Vinichenko
            UN7LAN Alex Sytov

            UA9BA Vladimir Umanets
            RN9AO Nickolai Perminov

            VE7SV Dale Green
            VE7AHA Andrew Ponzini

            K3LR Timothy J. Duffy
            N9RV Patrick M. Barkey

            N6KT Rich Smith
            K6NA Glenn Rattmann
            N6TJ James Neiger
            N6AA Richard Norton

            LU7DW Claudio Gabriel Fernandez
            LW9EUJ Martin Monsalvo

            PP5JR Sergio Lima de Almeida
            PY1KN Marcelo Gomes da Silva
            At the January 5 meeting, the WRTC Organizing Committee
            also reserved the right to add additional teams, should the
            circumstances so suggest, and/or should any force majeure
            issues arise for the teams announced hereby.
            We congratulate the teams listed above and look forward
            to seeing them in Finland some six months from now.

            WRTC2002 Organizing Committee

PS. All WRTC2002 competitors will be soon connected to a dedicated               competitor reflector where further detailed information will be distributed.

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