Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen@kolumbus.fi
Wed, 8 May 2002 05:48:08 +0300

Worked All WRTC2002  "Worked All New OJ prefixes"

Get your log in immediately after the contest and Win Valuable "Early 
Bird" prizes -  WRTC2002 special  incentive for 6-hour log-in!

OJ1- OJ8 prefixes activated for the 1st time!
The WRTC2002 teams will be using special 2x1 type of callsigns with special OJ1-OJ8 prefixes (e.g. OJ1A).  The OJ1-OJ8 prefixes are activated for the first time in history to honour WRTC2002 - the Olympics of Amateur Radio contesting in Finland.

Worked All WRTC2002 - Rules for non-WRTC2002 stations
* The same WRTC2002 station can be worked once on CW and once on SSB on 
each band.
* Each correct two-way CW or SSB QSO with a WRTC2002 station counts 1 
point.  A duplicate QSO on same band and mode counts 0 points.
* Score = total sum of QSO points 

Only e-mail logs (ASCII) are accepted.
The preferred log formats are Cabrillo, CT.ALL and TR.DAT. 
The "Early Bird" logs should be submitted by 18.00 UTC on Sunday, July 14, 
2002.   Regular latest submission date is July 31, 2002.   
All logs should be sent via e-mail to: logs@wrtc2002.org
NOTE:  The subject field of the e-mail should contain your contest callsign,
 e.g. " Subject:  WRTC2002  OH2AAA"

Request for stations working the IARU 2002 contest
The WRTC2002 organising committee kindly asks stations working the IARU 2002 contest to also send their electronic IARU contest logs to the WRTC2002 contest committee to be used as reference data within the official WRTC2002 log-checking procedure.  The committee guarantees that these logs will be used only for cross checking purposes of the WRTC2002 team championship.

NOTE:  All e-mail logs submitted within 6 hours after the contest ends will participate in a lottery with special WRTC2002 prizes.

Awards & Categories
The following "Worked All WRTC2002" awards will be issued based on the above contest rules:
"Worked All WRTC2002" awards
Worked all WRTC2002 - Single op CW
Worked all WRTC2002 - Single op SSB
Worked all WRTC2002 - Single op Mixed
Worked all WRTC2002 - Multi op CW
Worked all WRTC2002 - Multi op SSB
Worked all WRTC2002 - Multi op Mixed
Worked all WRTC2002 - IARU HQ stations

Awards will be given to the stations with highest number of points in the following 
1st 2nd 3rd 
North America   
South America   
HQ Stations
OH - Finland 

Special Plaques 
Worked all WRTC2002 Stations - CW  
Worked all WRTC2002 Stations - SSB
Worked all WRTC2002 Stations - Mixed

Other Prizes
T-shirts (DX)  Worked 130  WRTC2002 qsos
T-shirts (EU)  Worked 200  WRTC2002 qsos