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>   2 November 2002                                                 No 600
>                          ===========================
>                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
>                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
>                          ===========================
>                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
>! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:                     !
>!                                                                           !
>! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information                                   !
>!       (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@IK1MJJ.IPIE.ITA.EU)            !
>! Maurizio Bertolino, IZ1CRR (I1-21171): 425 DX News WWW Pages              !
>!       (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)                                         !
>9A     - Members from the Croatian IOCA  Group will be  active as 9A6AA/p  on
>          20, 15  and  40 metres  SSB  from a  few  islands in  Kvarner  group
>          (EU-136) area between 31 October and  4 November. Their main  target
>          is the island/lighthouse of Susak (CI-108, LH-0444, CRO-011),  which
>          is likely to be activated on 2 November. [TNX 9A6AA]
>D4     - Nicolas, F5TGR will operate (on  10-20 metres SSB  and CW) as  D44TR
>          from Sal Island (AF-086), Cape Verde on 1-12 November. QSL via F5TGR
>          either direct  (Nicolas  Quennet,  8 bis  Rue  de  la  marne,  95220
>          Herblay, France) or through the bureau. [TNX F5TGR]
>EP     - Victor/UT8LL, Massoud/EP2ES and other  Iranian operators are  active
>          as EP6KI from Qeys (Kish) Island (AS-166) until 3 November. QSL  via
>          G4WFZ either direct or through the RSGB bureau.
>FM     - Clemens, DL2GAN will operate (on 10, 15 and 20 metres CW and SSB) as
>          FM/DL2GAN from Martinique (NA-107) on 8-28 November. QSL via DL2GAN.
>          [TNX The Daily DX]
>FO     - Bob, WA4OAB is going to be active as FO/WA4OAB from Tahiti  (OC-046,
>          French Polynesia) on 9-10 November and  from Moorea (OC-046,  French
>          Polynesia) on 12-13 November. He plans  to operate on 10, 15 and  20
>          metres CW and SSB around 22 UTC and possibly also on 20 metres at  9
>          UTC. QSL via home call. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
>FY     - A group of operators from Radio Club Guyane will be active as FY5KAC
>          from the western  part on the  country on 8-11  November. They  will
>          have one  station for  HF, one  station for  6  metres and  a  third
>          station for satellite operation. QSL via bureau. [TNX La Gazette  du
>          DX]
>HA     - Special event  station HG0WGC  will be  active on  1-30 November  to
>          celebrate the  World Gymnastic  Championship in  Debrecen,  Hungary.
>          Special QSL  via HA0NAR  either direct  (Dr. Laszlo  Radocz,  130/A.
>          Rozsavolgy str., Debrecen, H-4225, Hungary)  or through the  bureau.
>          [TNX HA0NAR]
>HL_ssh - Oleg, UA1PBA is currently active as HL8KSJ from the club station  at
>          the Korean Antarctic base "King Sejong" (WABA HL-01) on King  George
>          Island, South Shetlands (AN-010). [TNX DL5EBE]
>JA     - Look for Taka, JR3TVH/6 to be  active (on 40, 20, 17,  15, 10 and  6
>          metres SSB and CW) from Miyako Island (AS-079) on 1-4 November.  QSL
>          via JR3TVH either direct or through the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
>KH8    - Mike, KH8/KM9D (ZK2TO) is now at  Pago Pago, American Samoa and  has
>          received permission to visit and operate from the rare Swains Island
>          (OC-200). On 29  October he reported  the date for  sailing had  not
>          been fixed, "but probably we will  leave the harbor at Pago Pago  in
>          the  middle  of  the  week".  The  distance  to  Swains  Island   is
>          approximately 200 nautical miles. QSL via OM2SA. [TNX OM3JW]
>PY     - PY1LVF (Vieira), PY1NEW (Pete), PY1NEZ (Lima) and PY1VOY (Rick) will
>          be active (on 6, 10, 12,  15, 17, 20,  30, 40 and  80 metres CW  and
>          SSB) as PR2C and/or homecall/2 from Comprida Island (SA-024) on 4-11
>          November. QSL according to operators' instructions. [TNX PY1NEZ]
>S2     - John, KX7YT will be active (on 10,  15 and 20 metres SSB and  PSK31)
>          as S21YV from Bangladesh between 8 November and 4 December. QSL  via
>          to home call. [TNX the Daily DX]
>W      - Look for Guy, AC9X/p to be  active on 20 and  40 metres from  Biddle
>          Island (not IOTA,  USI IN-001R) on  3 November,  starting around  13
>          UTC. QSL via home call. [TNX VA3RJ]
>XY     - Hiroo, JA2EZD (XW2A)  was not able  to go and  operate from  Myanmar
>          [425dxn 597] due to health reasons and has postponed his trip to  30
>          October-12 November. He will operate as XY1M on 160-6 metres CW  and
>          SSB. QSL via XW2A (Hiroo Yonezuka, P.O. Box 2659, Vientiane,  Laos).
>          [TNX JI6KVR]
>                          ===========================
>                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
>                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
>                          ===========================
>                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
>IOTA TROPHIES --> At the RSGB HF & IOTA Convention last month the 2001  Shell
>Trophies were presented as follows:
>* Most Courageous: to the Russian  team on the  "Lost Islands" expedition  to
>   Ushakova and Uyedineniya (RI0B and RU0B)
>* Most Outstanding  in  Africa, Asia,  and  Europe: to  the  JW0PK  team  who
>   operated from Prins Karls Forland (EU-063)
>* Most Outstanding in North and South America and Oceania: to the team led by
>   VE7DP who operated from the Philippine  IOTA groups OC-091, OC-093,  OC-126
>   and OC-244
>Merit Awards for consistent service to the IOTA community were also presented
>QSL 3V8BB --->  Bernie McClenny, W3UR,  Editor of The  Daily DX, maintains  a
>list of QSL  routes for operations  that have taken  place from 3V8BB.  Check
>QSL 5C2MI ---> Giorgio, I2JSB reports that all of the QSLs for the July  2002
>operation from Mogador island (AF-065) received so far have been replied  to.
>QSL direct only to Giorgio Savini,  P.O. Box 55, 20089  Rozzano - MI,  Italy.
>On-line logs are available at http://www.arisettimo.it">www.arisettimo.it
>QSL RI0L ---> Antonello, IK2DUW reports that  he has no backlog for the  July
>2002 operation from AS-066 (Rikorda and  Rimskogo-Korsakova Islands). QSL  to
>Antonello Passarella, Via M. Gioia 6, 20051 Limbiate -  MI, Italy.
>QSL T77CD ---> Please note that  cards for Giovanni,  T77CD should be  routed
>direct via his QSL manager,  I0MWI (Stefano Cipriani,  Via Taranto 60,  00055
>Ladispoli - RM, Italy). Do not  send your QSLs direct to  T77CD as this  does
>not speed up the process.
>QSL TG9NX ---> Please note that KZ8Y [425DXN 599] is not the QSL manager  for
>Franco, TG9NX (cards should be sent to the address on qrz.com). We  apologize
>for any inconvenience this may have caused Franco and our readers.
>QSL XF4IH  --->  The first  batch  of 300  direct  QSLs for  the  March  2002
>operation from Cacaluta Island  (NA-188) was mailed  on 28 October.  Enrique,
>XE1IH (ex XE1LWY) expects to finish by the end of November. [TNX G3NUG]
>ZL7C ---> The Kermadec DX Association expedition completed operation with the
>final QSO being at 10.15 UTC on  27 October. The provisional total number  of
>QSOs stands at 72,200, including some 5513  QSOs plus 88 dupes logged in  the
>CQWW SSB Contest. The entry in  the CQWW Contest was on  two radios only  and
>included operation on 10, 15, 20 and 40 metres. [TNX ZL2AL]
>                          ===========================
>                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
>                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
>                          ===========================
>                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
>DX RANKERS:  Mako, 7N2UTO has  established a  small search  engine for  DXers
>              with    a    collection     of    useful     web    sites     at
>              http://isweb31.infoseek.co.jp/sports/rankers/ [TNX 7N2UTO]
>LOGS:        Logs for the recent FO/I2YSB and FO/IK2GNW operation from Rurutu
>              (OC-050)  in   the  Austral   Islands  are   now  available   at
>              http://digilander.libero.it/i2ysb
>                          ===========================
>                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
>                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
>                          ===========================
>                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
>CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
>3G1X        XQ1IDM      FS/K7ZUM    K7ZUM       T88YK       JN1WTK
>3G5A        XQ5SM       GI5W        UT5SI       TF8SM       N5FTR
>3XY7C       DL7DF       GM0B        GM0EGI      TI5/N6JRL   N6JRL
>4A1AC       XE1BEF      GM5A        GM0RLZ      TI5/NH7C    NH7C
>4J7WMF      TA2ZV       HB0/HB9AON  DJ2YE       TI5/W8ILC   W8ILC
>4L0G        DL7BO       HC8A        KU9C        TI5N        W3HNK
>4L1FX       DJ1CW       HC8N        W5UE        TI8/K4QFF   K4QFF
>4L1MA       ON4RU       HH2/K2AC    JA7AGO      TI8/W5AA    W5AA
>4S7RO       DJ9ZB       HI7/K2AC    JA7AGO      TJ1GS       EA4AHK
>4U1ET       TF3MM       HI9X        W9AAZ       TK4Z        K6VNX
>4U1WB       KK4HD       HL0JHQ      HL3VQ       TM2A        F5BJW
>4W6MM       TF3MM       HL8KSJ      RK1PWA      TM2E        F8BPN
>4X1VF       K1FJ        HP1AC       EA5KB       TM5SIA      F2WS
>5B4/G0LII   5B4AHA      HP1BYS      HP1RCP      TM6WW       F6KFI
>5H3ID       IN3BXL      HS4BPQ/9    E21EIC      TM8ZV       F5FAB
>5N42EAM     IK2IQD      HS9EQY      E21EIC      TO5A        F5VHJ
>5N42NHD     JH8BKL      IH9P        KR7X        TP3CE       F6FQK
>5N6EAM      IK2IQD      II3L        IV3KAS      TT8ZZ       F5PTM
>5U7JK       I2YSB       II6A        I6DHY       TU5GD       N5FTR
>6W4RK       F5NPS       IO4T        IK4XCL      TY0T        I8ACB
>6Y9X        KQ1F        IQ0N        IK0NFV      TY2AB       I8ACB
>8N1OGA      JA1MRM      IR4T        IK4IEE      TY3M        I8ACB
>8P8P        NT1N        JW0HU       SP3WVL      UA0YAY      IK2QPR
>8P9JG       NT1N        JW7FD       LA5NM       UE3RSW      RU3RN
>8P9KU       NT1N        JY8YV       JA1ELY      UK8LA       RW3RN
>8P9KW       NT1N        JY9QJ       DL5MBY      UN7JJ       EA5KB
>8Q7OM       G0ESY       K8O         AH6HY       UN7MO       EA7FTR
>9G5MD       F5VCR       K8T         GW0ANA      V26B        WT3Q
>9H1EL       LA2TO       KD3RF/VE2   KD3RF       V26OB       DL8OBQ
>9K9Z        W8CNL       KH0/KB9LQG  SP5EWG      V31BD       N6FF
>9N1AA       N4AA        KH0AA       JA5DQH      V47KP       K2SB
>9N7SZ       JA9LSZ      KH2/AD5KT   JA2KCT      V63B        JA7AO
>9S1X        F2YT        KP3Z        WC4E        V63DX       JA7HMZ
>9V1YC       AA5BT       KP4/NE8Z    NE8Z        V63RE       IT9YRE
>9Y4TBG      DL4MEH      L21I        W3HNK       V63WN       IT9YRE
>A35XX/P     N5XX        L52DX       LW2DX       VA2BY       VE3BY
>A41KJ       N5FTR       L79H        EA7FTR      VC2C        NB1B (a)
>A45WD       YO9HP       LP7H        EA7FTR      VC2C        VE3TPZ (b)
>A61AJ       N4QB        LR0N        LU2NI       VC2C     NB1B or VE3TPZ (c)
>A61AS       YO3FRI      LR7E        LU2EE       VC2C        VE3BY (d)
>A61X        N1DG        LT0H        EA7FTR      VE3EY/2     VE3EY
>AH2R        JH7QXJ      LT1F        LU1FKR      VI4CC       VK4WIG
>AL1G        AC7DX       LT5V        LU8VCC      VK4YN/P     VK4FW
>AY8XW       WD9EWK      LX5A        LX1RQ       VP2MCV      PA5ET
>BW0RTY      BV2KI       LX7DX       PA1TO       VP2MEA      PA5ET
>BW0S        BV2KI       LX7I        LX2AJ       VP2MET      PA5ET
>C4A         9A2AJ       LY7A        LY2ZO       VP2MJD      W5OZI
>C6ARB       W5UE        LZ26ZA      LZ1KZA      VP2MPA      PA5ET
>CE0Z        N1IBM       M8C         G4DFI       VP2MWM      PA5ET
>CE4P        CE4PBB      MI0SDX      M0SDX       VP2MWP      PA5ET
>CE4U        CE4USW      MM0LEO      W3LEO       VP5VAC      WA4JTK
>CE4Y        CE4FXY      MU0C        G3XTT       VP9I        K1EU
>CE9/R1ANF   RK1PWA      NH2PW       N5FTR       VQ9DT       VQ9X
>CJ2BY       VE3BY       NP3D/4X     W3HNK       VY0TA       VE2BQB
>CM8WAL      EA5KB       OA1BV       DL1JAN      W2MM        W1DLP
>CN2R        W7EJ        OD5/OK1MU   OK1TN       W4WX/HI9    W4WX
>CN8YR       K4KU        OH0Z        OH5DX       W9AAZ/HI9   W9AAZ
>CO8EJ       EA5KB       OM0M        OM0WR       WP3C        W3HNK
>CO8LY       EA7ADH      OP0GS       ON5GK       XT2ATI      EA4YK
>CO8ZZ       DK1WI       OT2H        ON5YR       XU7ACD      JH6QIL
>CP6XE       IK6SNR      OT2N        ON7YX       XX9C        XX9BB
>CT9L        DJ6QT       P29BW       N5FTR       XX9TEP      N1UR
>CV5Y        EA5KB       P40A        WD9DZV      YA1BV       JA1PBV
>D44AC       IK3HHX      P40B        I2MQP       YA3GIB      pirate
>D44TT       DJ1MM       P40P        WJ5DX       YA4F        G4KUX
>D4B         IK3HHX      P40W        N2MM        YI9OM       OM6TX
>DT14AG      HL0BHQ      PA9MR       VE3MR       ZA/Z35M     Z35M
>DU9/N0NM    W4DR        PT0F        CT1BOH      ZD7DP       W1ZT
>DX0L        G3OCA       PY0FF       W9VA        ZD7JP       N5FTR
>E20HHK/6    E21EIC      R5CC        RW3RN       ZD8Z        VE3HO
>E20NTS      E21EIC      RO4M        RN4LP       ZF2AH       W6VNR
>ED7KAR      EA7URC      RU1A        RU1AE       ZK1AKX      VE7XF
>ES2U        ES1QV       RW2F        DK4VW       ZK1APM      AA7PM
>ES6Q        ES5RY       SI9AM       SM3CVM      ZK1ASQ      W7TSQ
>EY8/F5CW    F8CMT       SO2R        SP2PI       ZK1TTG      KT7G
>FG5FC       F6DZU       SY8A        SV8CS       ZK1VVV      W7VV
>FM5GU       KU9C        T2DX        W4WET       ZL7C        ZL4HU
>FO/I2YSB    I2YSB       T32NCC      N6GDS       ZP6Y        W3HNK
>FO/IK2GNW   IK2GNW      T42EU       OR5EU       ZS0M        ZS6MG
>FO/JA2ZL    JA2ZL       T88EA       JH1EAQ      ZS6Z        ZS6EZ
>FS/AH8DX    AH8DX       T88TU       JK7TKE      ZV5OKT      PP5BLU
>(a) US stations
>(b) VE stations
>(c) others
>(d) 60 metres
>                          ===========================
>                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
>                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
>                          ===========================
>                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
>9A2MF   Franjo Maticic, Ravna dolina 17, HR - 52475 Savudrija, Croatia
>9A3KB   Borislav Santini, Galijotska 7, HR - 52100 Pula, Croatia
>A51PR   Pema Rinzin, BTA/MOC, P.O. Box 1072, Thimphu, Bhutan
>AH6HY   David Flack, P.O. Box 6005, Honolulu, HI 96818, USA
>DL8KWS  Frank Jasper, Wilhelm-Leffers-Str. 56, 18055 Rostock, Germany
>E21EIC  Champ C. Muangamphun, P.O. Box 1090, Kasetsart University, Bangkok
>         10903, Thailand
>EA4YK   Ricardo J. Hartasanchez, P.O.Box 41079, 28080 Madrid, Spain
>EA5KB   Jose F. Ardid Arlandis, P.O.Box 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
>EA7FTR  Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain
>G3OCA   Ken Frankcom, 1 Chesterton Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7EN, England
>G4DFI   Owen Cross, 28 Garden Avenue, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4LF, England
>GW0ANA  Glyn Jones, Nirvana, Caste Precinct, Llandough, Cowbridge, CF7 7LX,
>         Wales, UK
>I2YSB   Silvano Borsa, P.O. Box 45, 27036 Mortara - PV, Italy
>IK2QPR  Paolo Fava, Via Bertani 8, 46100 Mantova - MN, Italy
>IS0A    P.O. Box 76, 09100 Cagliari - CA, Italy
>IT9NVA  Vincenzo Altamura, P.O. Box 164, 96100 Siracusa - SR, Italy
>IT9YRE  Ferdinando Rubino, P.O. Box 30, 96012 Avola - SR, Italy
>JA1MRM  Saburo Asano, 3-26-8 Toyotamakita, Nerima, Tokyo, 176-0012 Japan
>JA2ZL   Anci Yamada, 17-8-2 Takirocho, Tajimi, 507-0813 Japan
>JA9LSZ  Yasuhiro Yahara, P.O. Box 111, Fukui, 910-8691 Japan
>JH1EAQ  Nob, Watanabe, 6-11-2 Azuma-chou, Iruma-city, Saitama, 358-0002 Japan
>JH6QIL  Shin-Ichi Kusumoto, 1777-289, Nishi-Mochida, Aira-cho, Kagoshima,
>         899-5431 Japan
>K1EU    Mike Russo, 8 Rocky Hill Rd Scarborough, Maine 04074, USA
>KU9C    Steven Wheatley, P.O. Box 31,, Morristown, NJ 07963-0031, USA
>MM0BQI  Jim Martin, 3 Lismore Avenue, Edinburgh EH8 7DW, Scotland
>N1IBM   Morris E. Maze III, 847 Dolan St., Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734, USA
>NB1B    Dennis Egan, 3 Keith Rd, Wayland, MA 01778-4517, USA
>OZ5IPA  Preben Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark
>PA5ET   Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS Voorburg, The Netherlands
>RA3OW   Vladimir A. Samojlenko, D. 33 KV. 105, UL. Kholzunova, Voronezh,
>         394068, Russia
>RK1PWA  Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
>RK3TS   Mikhail M. Dubinin, P.O. Box 56, Nizhnij Novgorod, 603158, Russia
>RW9QA   Vlad Kondratenko, P.O.Box 1, Kurgan-38, 640038, Russia
>ST2BSS  Magdi Osman Ahmed, P.O. Box 2, Khartoum Airport, Khartoum, Sudan
>UT5SI   P.O. Box 926, Gorlovka-29, 84629 Ukraine
>VE3TPZ  James Davidson, 65 Youngs St, Stratford, ON N5A 1J5, Canada
>VK4FW   Bill Horner, P.O. Box 1343,, Maroochydore, 4558, Australia
>W3HNK   Joseph Arcure, P.O. Box 73, Edgemont, PA 190278, USA
>W5OZI   Pat Rose, P.O. Box 393, Junction, Texas 76849, USA
>W5UE    Randy Becnel, P.O. Box 170, Kiln, MS 39556-0170, USA
>W8CNL   Ray McClure, 5 McKenzie Circle, North Augusta, SC 29841-4319, USA
>XE1KK   Ramon Santoyo, Apartado Postal 19-564, Mexico 03910 D.F., Mexico
>XQ1IDM  Nicolas Herrera G., P.O. Box 345, Antofagasta, Chile
>XV9DT   Eddy Visser, P.O. Box 88, Hanoi, Vietnam
>XW2A    Hiroo Yonezuka, P.O. Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos
>Z35M    Vladimir Kovaceski, P.O. Box 10, Struga 6330, Macedonia
>ZL4HU   Ken Holdom, P.O. Box 7, Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand
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