[CCF] 160m DX-infoa de OH5DX

Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen@kolumbus.fi
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 12:08:50 +0300

>This year the Low-Land DXpedition Team (http://www.qsl.net/lldxt/)will
>operate from Dominica (NA-101)   between 14 October and 21 October
>signing probably J75PA (callsign for topband & Digital modes) and from
>Montserrat (NA-103) between 21 October and 1 November signing probably
>VP2MPA (callsign for topband & Digital modes). Calls will be confirmed
>at arrival. We will have a Titanex V160E and a V80E so both 80 & 160 can
>be run at the same time, for receiving we will try to setup a short
>beverage and a Magnetic loop.
>We will be active on the Topband every night and will listen exclusively
>for Europe during their greyline, all other regions will be worked
>before or after. On-line logs will be published on daily basis on the
>our web-site. You can already sign the guestbook.
>All QSLs via PA5ET.
>Rob Snieder pa5et@muurkrant.com
>Cocos Island DX-pedition 2002  <http://www.qsl.net/ti9m>
>LLDXT  <http://www.qsl.net/lldxt> http://www.qsl.net/lldxt
>PI4COM  <http://www.muurkrant.com/pi4com>