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Ymmärsinkö oikein ensimmäiseltä riviltä että tämä on käsiteltävien asioiden
lista NRAU:n kokouksessa?

Juha OH6XX
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> Hej,
> Följande är ett utdrag ur protokollet (den del som berör SAC):
> 1. Common Text for the SAC and NRAU-Baltic Contests Rules (NRRL).
> One official set of rules approved by all societies needs to be reliably
> available to all. How this is best implemented was a matter of discussion.
> The correct official version at the time of the meeting was believed to be
> available on SM3CER's web-site. The following changes were discussed at
> meeting:
> · It was agreed to add LN and remove the 5P from the Scandinavian
> Also to include a sentence stating, that any (other) legal Scandinavian
> prefixes are good for the contest and multiplier, as well as all other
> prefixes according to the ITU definition of Scandinavian prefixes.
> · NRRL proposed that the number of prefixes for Iceland in the NRAU-Baltic
> contest be increased from the present number of ONE, to TEN district 2
> letter groups. IRA agreed to inform within 2 week how they want the
> districts defined and give the letters to Sweden, c/o SM7NDX.
> · It was proposed that the Baltic countries be added as organisers for the
> NRAU-Baltic contest, making it a rotation of 7 organising societies
> of 4.The idea was well received, and it was agreed to hand this over to
> contest managers to decide, and if so SRAL will contact the Baltic
> countries.
> · SRAL Contest Manager proposes one weekend for the SAC instead of two,
> since the 4th weekend of September collides with CQ WW RTTY Contest.
> Possible solutions are to move the second part of the contest or make it a
> mixed mode contest. It was agreed that NRAU ask the contest managers to
> discuss possible solutions and make a proposal before December 31'st 2002.
> SRAL will propose new rules for SAC-contest committee (contest managers).
> ·  Jari, OH2BU will integrate and co-ordinate from the above points, and
> to the existing correct version of the rules and make out a new official
> confirmed version of the rules for the SAC and NRAU-Baltic contests as
> decided at the Borgarnes meeting, stating so at the end. Appendix 3 is the
> result of this co-ordination.
> 2. Procedure for making changes to the SAC and NRAU-Baltic Contests Rules
> (NRRL).
> The procedure adopted at the 1999 NRAU meeting in Hurdal for how to change
> the contest rules needs to be adhered to. It was agreed there that for
> changes to be made to any NRAU contest, all societies must agree on the
> change beforehand, and a signed answer with approval must be received from
> all societies. It is then up to each society, who within their society,
> shall make the decision, the contest manager or the Board. Never must a
> of answer be understood as confirmation of changes.
> It is now added, that changes made this way are only valid until the next
> NRAU meeting. A confirmation by this meeting is required in order to make
> the changes permanent. It is up to the contest manager/society who
> the changes to suggest the correct and exact English wording and to ensure
> that the ratification of the change is brought up at the next NRAU
> 3. IRA and FRA Adoption of Rule Changes
> When the change was adopted last year, only SRAL, EDR, SSA and NRRL were
> asked. IRA and FRA now confirmed that they do not require to take part in
> this procedure.
> 4. Cabrillo log-input format
> Unavailability of the Cabrillo software specified last year has caused
> concern. SSA asserts that the software will be made available, and if SSA
> fails to do so before 1st of November, SRAL will provide the software.
> 73, Sigge
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