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Hi friends,
I would like to remind you that on April 19th there will be ES OPEN HF CHAMPIONSHIP 2003.
ES hams would kindly invite you to participate in this nice little contest. There are very nice prizes for the winners of international sections.
You can find RESULTS for previous years including 2002 and RULES for 2003 at ERAU web page (  <http://www.erau.ee/> www.erau.ee):
http://www.erau.ee/modules.php?op=modload <http://www.erau.ee/modules.php?op=modload&name=Info&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=68> &name=Info&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=68
We congratulate 2002 champions: LY9A (MIXED), YL2CI (SSB) and LY2BBI (CW).

The rules have not changed exept there is no QRP class any more. 
ES OPEN 2003 takes place on April 19th 05.00 - 08.59 UTC on 40m and 80m simultaneously.
There are 4 one hour periods and you can work a station once on both bands in a period. So maximum 8 times!
Multipliers are ES region prefixes on both band and mode. So 20 for CW and SSB and 40 for MIXED class.
CW QSOs give 2 points and SSB QSOs 1 point.
Report is RTS + QSO number.
Foreign stations can work only ES stations.
Logs should be sent to  <mailto:esopen at erau.ee> esopen at erau.ee

You can use WPX configuration of different logging programs for logging as prefixes are all multipliers. After every hour you should clean dupe sheet for working stations again. There is an example of TR LOG configuration file on ERAU web page.
Please forward this information to other hams around you who are interested in contesting.
CU on April 19th!

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