[CCF] OL5E in Helsinki

jari.kulkki at nokia.com jari.kulkki at nokia.com
Wed Apr 23 08:58:14 EDT 2003

I will visit Helsinki since 23.4. - 29.4. and will install our geophysical
on the University
I appreciate to meet some hams
If you reply do not use agico email adress but
ok2sps at volny.cz or ol5e at volny.cz

thanks see you

Best Regards
Petr Silinger

     Ing. Petr Silinger
     AGICO, Inc.
     Jecna 29a, CZ - 621 00 Brno,  Czech Republic

     Phone:  +420 5 41634 330      Fax: +420 5 41634 328
     Email:  psilinger at agico.cz    http://www.agico.com

73 dx
Petr,  OL5E is contest call of:

OK2SPS in QTH Brno, Czech Republic, LOC: JN89hf

Rig: IC706 + many experimental ant.
     VX-5, IC-207

Emails:     ok2sps at volny.cz   (full email facility)   or

            OK2SPS at GW.OK0PMU.AMPR.ORG
            (small text size only, no attatchements please)

MyBBS (AX25):   OK0PAB.#MOR.CZE.EU  (Packet)  or
                OK0PBR.#MOR.CZE.EU  (Amtor)

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