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> My take on electric fences (I'm not a farmer, but I was, and 
> I've used a lot
> of electric fence....):
> It sounds as though you are dealing with dreaded "weed burner" type of
> fence.  They pulse about 1 second on and 1  1/2 seconds off.  
> Most noise
> blankers are useless around them.   They are not UL listed.  They are
> dangerous, and I know of more than one instance in which they 
> have started
> fires.
> They are cheap, and old, and should be scrapped.   Having 
> said that.....
> Is there a possibility that you could visit the neighbor,  
> small AM radio in
> hand, and show him what a mess the fencer is making of 
> reception?  It's
> possible *he* is bothered by it as well and doesn't know the 
> source of his
> irritation.  Offer to help him "walk the fence" to remove 
> articles that may
> be shorting it out.  (This time of year, that is a full-time job!)
> Somewhere along the line, mention to him that the new 
> solid-state fencers
> are safer, quieter, more effective and don't short out as 
> readily.  They are
> a bit more expensive.  If worse comes to worst, offer to help 
> replace the
> old one with the new one....
> Let me know how it goes.  It's possible I'm wrong on this, in 
> which case
> I'll have learned something....
> 73, Jim N9JF
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