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Sorry about forwarding this, but this issues should be handled somehow...?

Marko OH4JFN

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SM5AJV missed something with:

>Cabrillo for SAC is OK if you use TR 6.61 or later.
>The only 2 things you have to change is:
>1. Change 'CONTEST: SAC' to 'CONTEST: SAC-CW' or
>2. Remove the mode indication in the 'CATEGORY:' field.

Which is:

3. Add SOAPBOX: field thanking SAC for bodging Cabrillo.

Tree's post on this includes two good points which deserve
repeating here in hopes that the bodgers might see it:

"Well, the first issue I have is that the SAC is not listed on the Cabrillo
spec web page - therefore it isn't really correct to say there is a Cabrillo
standard for the SAC contest."

"Have the SAC sponsors work with Trey to get their contest listed there."

If it isn't defined at http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/ then it's something
else - JARTS has Jabrillo, SAC has Scandarillo... the JAs are always
weird & therefore we expect strange things from them, but imagine what
things could be like if the Scandahoovians started twisting standards like

Interestingly, I didn't do what Ingo suggests above & I still got two replies
from OH6LI confirming my recent SAC entry was okay as received...  I
just did POST C (6.76, part of 6.77 release) with my .dat file & see that what
I sent in didn't require any manual editing in order to be accepted (actual
entry from POST 6.74).

73, VR2BrettGraham

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