[CCF] RE: NACs on Thursdays??? Suggestion!

Gunnar Widell (HF/ESE) gunnar.widell at ericsson.com
Thu Oct 2 15:42:42 EDT 2003

The idea of mixing 28 MHz and (70) 50Mhz is NOT a bad idea.

It will open up for HF contesters to try out "VHF-contesting" and vice versa.
It will hopefully increase the activity on both HF contesting and VHF contesting and maybe break some invisible, but existing, walls between the different "groups".

The HF people will get the opportunity to try out the "NAC-format" and the VHF people will maybe get some "blodad tand" when they experience new types of propagation on the 10m band. The activity will increase if we can "loan" HF contesters to the VHF bands, and of course vice versa. High activity = more fun?


Run 28 / 50 / 70 MHz in the same evening. First Thursday sounds fine...
Do not split these bands into different evenings since then we will miss some of the idea to mix HF and VHF. Give it a YEAR in this format.

Make it a "Multi band" contest as the Micro NAC, with differences in points per band.
The results should be presented as usual, most points fist place in the list, but also a remark beside the callsign if the station was single band 28, single band 70, single band 50 or multi band...

(This could be implemented in all NAC contests with the new categories, Low Power and Multi Op)

It will be more fun for the people not having access to all these bands, to see how other stations with same limitations performed, but still listed in the same results as everyone else... Also it will encourage these people to upgrade their stations to be active on more bands.

Since this could be a great "hit" the HF-Contest managers in all NRAU countries should be involved to sponsor this and spread the word around.

I will send this to the TOEC and CCF reflectors as well. (Swedish and Finnish HF contest reflectors)

73 de Gunnar, SM3SGP

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From: Bo, OZ2M [mailto:oz2m at mail.dk]
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Hello all

In principle I agree with Ulf, that we should start next year. However, with
history in mind I think we will have to do better than in the past though in
order to have a successful implementation from 1 Jan 2004.

There is a discussion going on in UK about an Activity Night. So far they
are trying to list when different areas do it:

I might be wrong but, with the Taboo Status of 70 MHz in Sweden I guess it
is difficult to have a fruitful discussion at all about it already now.

In reference to an earlier mail, and response, from me about having all or
most of the NACs in the same week, this proposal, which is not that far off,
shows that all NACs in one go would mean seven consecutive days every month.
Then "dad" would definitely be left alone.

Bo, OZ2M
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Subject: Re: [VUSHF] NACs on Thursdays???


Sounds nice.
Have not been active on 6m because of higher bands.
Maybe this can change it...

Start next year !
Why delay it...

73 de ULF/SM0LCB

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  Subject: [VUSHF] NACs on Thursdays???

                                   Vridslösemagle    1. Oktober 2003

  To the Nordic VUSHF NAC contesters.

  Hello friends

  Almost through the first year of the common NAC Microwave/50 MHz Tuesday
we have all gained some experience.

  First of all: The microwave contest has gained in popularity, even in
Denmark. That is indeed positive!

  On the other hand: 50 MHz activity has definitely gone down - in Denmark
at least. The participants are complaining! And it is not only due to the
decreasing sunspot numbers! Rather due to the competition from the
microwaves! Not positive at all!

  Not to mention those who want to participate fully in both contests!

  In the Danish VHF committee we have tried to come up with a solution to
solve this problem.

  And actually: We have an idea!

  Basically we keep the NACs where they are

  - except the 50 MHz contest.

  Where to place it then?

  I will get back to that in a while.

  First: Lets look at another problem arising: 70 MHz!

  It is allowed in more and more countries and among those: Denmark, the
Faeroes and Greenland. More will follow! Your country as well, perhaps?

  Amateurs in OZ have already voiced the idea to have a 70 MHz "NAC".

  (It can hardly be a NAC with only one country, but anyway!!!!)

  Then we do have yet another NAC: The 28/29 MHz activity contest.

  A Norwegian invention copied by the Danes in 1996 and the Finns in 2003.
The 28 MHz "NAC" is running on the first Wednesday every month.

  We can expect increased interest for this activity contest once
"everybody" is allowed on the HF bands (without the CW certificate).

  The 10 m NAC deserves more publicity/activity!

  The three bands 28, 50 and 70 MHz have a lot in common due to the relative
small frequency difference while they also show differences in propagation.

  It could be an idea to consider a common contest weekday for all the  "low
band NACs".

  (Even though 28/29 MHz is not a VHF band!)

  As Wednesday is close to Tuesday

  (And a common European football evening,)

  Thursday would be the better choice!

  (In the past the 432 MHz NAC was running on the first Thursday!)

  On Tuesdays we have a succession in frequency:

  144, followed by

  432, followed by

  1296, followed by Microwaves =

  2,3 GHz and up (+ 50 MHz).

  The same principle could be applied on the Thursdays:

  28 MHz on the first Thursday every month,

  50 MHz on the second Thursday every month,

  70 MHz on the third Thursday every month.

  The fourth Thursday is then in store for future  "NAC extensions".

  Necessary actions:

  All Nordic countries are to relocate the 50 MHz activity contest to the
second Thursday every month. (And we have to tell the UK about it too!)

  Norway, Denmark and Finland would have to move their 28 MHz activity
contest to the first Thursday every month.

  The arranging bodies in those countries have more or less agreed to do

  (Sweden would once again have to consider if they will join the other
Nordic countries starting the 10-metre activity contest as discussed in the
NRAU meetings in Iceland 2002 and in Norway 1999!)

  Denmark will possibly start a new 70 MHz activity contest on the third
Thursday every month. The rest of you will eventually follow - in due time.

  If we decided upon it soon (now) it could be implemented in 2004.

  If we do as we normally do: in 2005!

  What is your reaction to the ideas?

  Hope to hear from you soon.

  Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.  VHF manager, EDR.

  oz7is at yahoo.dk

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