[CCF] Re: [3830] CQWW SSB ES5MC SOSB/40 HP

Timo Klimoff timo.klimoff at dnainternet.net
Tue Oct 28 21:34:43 EST 2003

> By the time the contest actually started I felt quite exhausted with no
> rest before - we all (Tartu Contest Team) had a very tough Friday, as our
> colleague and team member Nikolai (or Kolya as we called him), ES5RN was
sent to
> the very last "trip" one can have in this physical world, after he had
> away a day earlier. We will all miss you, Kolya! We also decided not to
call off
> our participation in the contest, as we were sure he would have not wished
> himself.


my condolences to Kolya's family and Tartu contest team.
He will also be warmly remembered by OH operators who have operated from
your site :(

73, Timo OH1NOA
ES6Q/ES9C op.

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