[CCF] CQWW15m ihmettelyä USA:ssa

jpe at UWasa.fi jpe at UWasa.fi
Tue Dec 7 11:09:21 EST 2004

Agenttimme Kaliforniasta vihjaisi seuraavasta Yahoo Groupsin DX-Listalla
olleesta havainnosta CQWW:n aikana 15 metrillä. Joskus se keli on
yksinkertaisesti kohdallaan niin että sitä sietääkin ihmetellä ;=)

> 15 meters never ceases to amaze me with its
> interesting propagation! I definitely think it is one
> of the most interesting HF bands. Here was an
> interesting occurrance earlier today in the CQWW
> contest:
> This afternoon at 2302Z (5:02pm local) I worked OH6BG
> on 15 meters. Good S9 signal here. That must have
> been 12am or 1am local for him. I heard no other EU
> stations on 15 at this time, and was working mostly
> JAs, with some Pacific and South America thrown in.
> Didn't even hear any Russians at this time. Anyone
> have any idea what kind of propagation quirk was going
> on here? Could an F2 opening be that localized where
> I only hear one OH station and nothing else out of EU
> or western Asia? Did work OH0V about 30 minutes later
> on 15, but no EU around that time either. The EU and
> Russians stations on 20 had a definite aurora/polar
> buzz on them around this same time.
> Hope everyone else had a good contest.
> 73s John NE0P

Jari OH6BG

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