[CCF] Morse Runner 1.4

jpe at UWasa.fi jpe at UWasa.fi
Tue Dec 7 17:51:45 EST 2004


Uusi Morse Runner onkin jo ilmestynyt.

README kertoo:


 - RIT function;
 - callsign completion/correction when sending;
 - faster response to keyboard commands;
 - bandwidth adjustment in 50 Hz steps;
 - the middle digit is selected when the cursor enters the RST field;
 - the QSO rate is now expressed in Q/hr;
 - the problem with the Finnish character set fixed.

Kaistanleveys ja RITti toimivat nuolinäppäimin...:

  Up/Down arrows - RIT;

  Ctrl- Up/Down arrows - bandwidth.

Jaahas, jos ottais ja kattois :)


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