[CCF] Fw: SP-DX-Contest 2004 Invitation

OH3UU oh3uu at welho.com
Sun Mar 21 19:46:41 EST 2004


Postilaatikkooni kolahti tämä viesti.
Jaan sen mielelläni teidän kanssanne.

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From: "SP-DX-Contest 2004" <spdxc2004 at intrograf.com.pl>
To: <oh3uu at welho.com>
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 5:42 AM
Subject: SP-DX-Contest 2004 Invitation

> DR YLs,
> DR OMs,
> I would like to invite you to participate in SP DX Contest 2004 (3rd-4th
April 15-15 UTC)
> and inform you that the contest has new rules (attached to this letter in
PDF) and new web site
> www.contest.spdxc.org.pl.
> In this year's contest we have a little surprise.
> For each station outside Poland which obtain criteria for two Polish
diplomas "POLSKA" (you
> need only 16 QSOs) and "SPPA Powiat" the diplomas will sent for free (the
rules of diplomas you
> can find on
> http://www.pzk.org.pl).
> In this year we add new category: SO TB (SINGLE OPERATOR THREE BANDS). So,
> could choose any three best work bands. We also divided stations for LOW
(max 100W) and HIGH
> (above 100W) POWER. We will continuously count all categories for each
> All winners in all categories will receive diplomas and winners in
categories with ten and more
> participants will receive special plaques.
> I hope to meet you in contest.
> In name of the Contest Committee
> 73, Robert SP5XVY
> New contest page:
> www.contest.spdxc.org.pl

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