[CCF] Contest & DX Gathering over the waves of the Baltic Sea (updated)

Timo Klimoff timo.klimoff at dnainternet.net
Sun Nov 7 05:46:48 EST 2004

Experience once-in-a-lifetime amateur radio camaraderie by joining  Finnish 
contesters and DXers (CCF & OHDXF), now going maritime mobile aboard  Viking 
Line m/s Gabriella enroute OH-OH0-SM-OH0-OH 21-Jan - 23-Jan 2005.

There´s only a limited number of cabins availabe. Please notice that we have 
cabins from A to C-class, all with the same price.
People booking their cruise first will get the best cabins.

So don´t hesitate, but be fast and book your cruise!

Preliminary agenda, prices and on-line registeration form are now  available 
in CCF´s web page. Please visit:

for detailed information.

73 & hpe to cu /MM

Pasi OH2IW/OH6UM, oh2iw at oh2u.com

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