[CCF] IMAGINE GUYANA - 8R1RPN / 8R1K QRV November 23 - 30, 2004

EA4BQ ES0EA OA4WW OH0XX Olli ea4bq at attglobal.net
Sat Nov 20 07:33:00 EST 2004

Olli EA4BQ/OH0XX will be QRV as 8R1RPN Nov 23 - 30, 2004 mainly on CW on HF
During CQ WW CW contest he will sign as 8R1K.
QTH 5º 9" N, 58º 6" W.

QSL via
Olli Rissanen
Calle Ciguela, 331
28729 Venturada, Madrid

Guyana is a tropical country on the northern shoulder of South
America, 215,000 sq km in area approximately the size of Great
Britain, and bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname and the Atlantic
Guyana first gain European notice in 1498 with the voyages of Christopher
Columbus, it was the stage for competing colonial interest –
British, French, and Dutch – until it officially became British Guyana in
1831. In 1966 the country gained independence, and adopted the
name Guyana.


Imagine a place of incredible beauty where nature still reigns supreme,
where time has stood still or at least moved at a slower pace to the
rest of the world. Imagine a city built almost entirely of wood in the
beautiful colonial style architecture that has no comparison elsewhere
in the world. Imagine pure, fresh rivers of dark, deep waters reflecting
like mirror, the lush and vibrant rainforest that crowds their banks.
Imagine the brilliantly coloured birds and butterflies that swoop and
soar over their polished surfaces. Imagine a thousand breathtaking
waterfalls and magical creeks. Imagine virgin rainforest, home to an
innumerable species of rare exotic plant and animal life. Imagine
majestic mountains and rolling savannahs as far as the eye can see
where ranchers and cowboys ride the last frontier on the open range.
Imagine the hiss of the rawhide lasso and the dust and the danger of
the coral. Imagine Eldorado, a land that nature has blessed with
untold riches of diamond and gold just beneath its surface, where
bold adventures set off in search of sparkling treasures. Imagine warm
tropical breezes and the song of the tree frogs at night. Now open
your eyes, forget imagination. This reality. This is Guyana.

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