[CCF] Availability of FTdx9000XX + List price

Esa Korhonen esa.korhonen at picengineering.com
Mon Sep 27 08:58:45 EDT 2004

FT-1000MP listalla julkaistua:

FTdx 9000D (200Wout+TFTdisplay+rotator control+2analog meters+3&6kHz roofing
filter):Christmas2004;List price:aprox$13599 

FTdx 9000C - Contest- (200Wout+4analog meters+3&6kHz roofing
filter):Christmas 2004; List price:aprox $11599 

FTdx 9000MP (400Wout+1kVA ext.power supply+4analog meters+3&6kHz roofing
filter):May 2005;List price:aprox $14599

	Esa OH7WV

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