[CCF] Haluatko QSL:n 3Y0X-operaatiosta?

Esa Korhonen esa.korhonen at sweco.fi
Tue Jan 25 06:02:33 EST 2005

Haluan toki, CW-kortti puuttuu. Sivuilla kyllä mainostetaan suoraa

K4YL - Mike Grose

I enjoy DX'ng and County Hunting.  I also love to contest.  I am the QSL
manager for ZS1EL, ZS1ESU, ZS1SR, UT2UZ, UX5UO, K1B for the April and May
2002 operation and only direct NO bureau cards, 7P8DA and 3DAØSV for the
2003 and 2004 operations,7P8NK for 2003 and 2004 and 3DAØWC in 2003.  I was
also the QSL manager of the 2003 and 2004 operations of 7P8NK and 3DAØWC.

I will also be the QSL Manager for the Peter One Island group in January
2005.  For you DX guys, if a group of you want to send me a lot of cards for
the same callsign, such as 7P8DA, that will be fine also, but please if you
can, don't mix them up, such as 7P8DA and 7P8NK.  If your group wants to
send 20, 30 or what ever amount, I will try to give you a quick turnaround
for your cards.  If you can, please put the callsign of the station you
worked on the envelope so I can sort the mail faster.  I also do all of Dave
Anderson's personal and dxpedition QSLs which include K4SV,KW4DA, VP5/KW4DA,
A5ØA, A52DA, T2DA and 3D2CW.  All donations I receive go to paying for QSL
cards and supplies.  Also I can NOT accept anything but the Large IRC's and
only if they are stamped on the left side.  If the IRC is not stamped, or if
you send a small outdated IRC, then I will not send the card direct, it will
go via the bureau.  I get a lot of requests via email to just send a QSL via
the bureau.  This simply is unsatisfactory and unacceptible! I will only QSL
to those stations from whom I receive a QSL.  When requesting a 3YØX QSL,
only send a QSL for this station only and do not put other QSL's that I
manage with it.  Due to the huge number of QSL's I will receive for 3YØX,
sending multiple cards will only slow me down.  If you will, please put 3Y
on the envelope so I can sort my mail faster. 

Mike Grose, K4YL 
PO Box 183 
Flat Rock, NC 28731-0183 

Luulisi tämän kautta kortin saavan normaalirutiineilla?

Esa oh7wv

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Varmasti haluat. Onhan silloin 3Y0X-lahjoituksesi lähtenyt eteenpäin,


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