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New Developments Expected To Move Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc. 
Stock From $ 0.50 To Over $ 2.50

Symbol: APWL.PK

Please see this site for more information: APWL. info

Current Price:                      $0.50
Short Term Target Price:            $2.50
12 month Target Price:              $4.75


Advanced Powerline Technologies is engaged in the broadband over 
industry.  Their business is based on the idea of using existing power 
lines, both in the home and outside, to transmit information.  This 
information includes broadband internet and the development of "the 
century home" concept in which home appliances and computers are 
APWL and others in the industry have exciting plans to turn 
electrical infrastructure into big business.  APWL has been engaged in 
industry for many years and have been awarded numerous applicable 

Read on to find more information as to why APWL is our HOT PICK of the 


New Millennium Research Council (NMRC) has recently released a report 
which they say:

"Many industry watchers and representatives now believe BPL (broadband 
power lines) can dramatically change the landscape of the broadband 
offering new forms of competition and delivering high-quality service 

"Is 2005 the year of BPL? There are a number of signs that suggest this 
could be the time the
technology begins its emergence as a viable competitor in the broadband 

"During the past two years, the commercial and media perspectives on 
BPL in 
the United States have
evolved from categorizing the technology as almost ready¶ to really 

"Current research into the BPL industry indicates a belief among some 
experts that the industry may
be primed for real growth in 2005 and beyond."

(CNET NEWS)-February 24, 2004- Earlier this month, the Federal 
Communications Commission proposed rules for utility companies that 
seek to 
offer Internet access through their electricity grids. The FCC hopes 
rules for broadband over power line (BPL) will help jump-start the use 
the grid network to deliver high-speed Net access to U.S. households, 
especially in hard-to-reach rural areas.

(IDG News Service)-April 10, 2005- The European Union's communications 
regulator, the European Commission, launched an initiative on Friday to 
boost the growth of broadband Internet access over power transmission 

The news on this sector is everywhere.  2005 is the year for Advanced 
Powerline Technologies.


* Advanced Powerline Technologies is poised at the pinnacle of the most 
modern technology since the development of cable fiber optics.

* Advanced Powerline Technologies has fathered a quantum leap forward 
advanced cable free high-resolution video.

* APT's Technology significantly reduces many of the expensive cable 
placements now necessary to bring audio/video and high speed internet 
to the 
end user.

* APT is engaged in acquiring contracts to provide their technology to 
countries and regions where power lines are the norm but in which 
over telephone lines has not, or can not reach the market.

The time to act is now.  News is out for APWL.  The sector is ready to 
explode onto the scene.  The road is paved for Big Returns on 

Symbol: (APWL.PK)

Current Price:                      $0.50
Short Term Target Price:            $2.50
12 month Target Price:              $4.75

Please watch this one trade on Wednesday!

We look forward to helping all of our readers make the market work for them.   
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