marko.holmavuo@dnainternet.net marko.holmavuo at dnainternet.net
Sun Nov 6 12:54:38 EST 2005

Contest         : CQ World Wide DX Contest
Callsign        : OH4R
Mode            : PHONE
Category        : Single Operator (SO)
Band(s)         : Single band (SB) 15 m
Class           : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/...  : 15

   15  2222  70 137  39   4413 1.99    
TOTAL  2222  70 137  39   4413 1.99 
       TOTAL SCORE : 776 688

Operators       : OH4JFN
Soapbox         : 

It seems that this year propagation was not something what it was supposed to 
be. It was 
slightly better. Who would have believed that somebody in OH-land would run 
over 4kQ on 20m SB. Congratulations and 4-Roses;) to Pasi and to the station 

This year 15m was not in that good shape as it was in 2004. Start was very slow,
with only marginal propagation to states. Of course, less sunspots, less 
propagation. Coming sunspot minium affects a lot in higher bands. Even 15m band 
would have been more comfortable, if there would have been better western 

After the first couple of hours, there was clear signs that it would hard to 
get year 2004 level. Despite of that first stations from asia came in quite 
early (HS). After couple of hours, things seemed to be in acceptable levels. 
During morning hours, best hour produced 221 Qsos. Wouldn't believe that before 
contest. Signals from JA was good during both mornings, only more stations 
would have been needed. Anyway, it was nice to hear mobile-JA stations :)
Later on when propagation started to move in states, it was nice suprise to 
hear such loud signals, but as well, there were too few stations. There would 
have been room for much more :) Specially night time was something that you 
would never like to experience. Few very loud stations coming in during whole 
night, but nothing else. Northern-europe propagation was there, but stations 
was not propably aware of that. 
One good example from KH6 which was running W-stations, with modest signal. 
After I got his attention, he rotated his antennas to correct direction the 
signal was 59 and after 2 seconds everything was over.

This year Asia(600q/-85Q) was much better than NA (400q/-200q). OC(55Q/-50q), 
was more than 50q less what it was last year. Other continents SA, EU and AF 
was in quite same level than it was in 2004 CQSSB. 

Overall, almost 2300q including dupes, and about 175mults is not good, but not 
so bad either. It seems that this year there were about 175 countries available 
on 15m band. The number of mults was not what I was expecting. Last year it was 
possible to run over 200mults from OH also. What comes to about rates 4hours 
>=150q/hour is something nice to see. 

Thanks for all Qsos!

73 Marko OH4JFN

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