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Mon Nov 7 03:15:15 EST 2005

Tämä tiedoksi myös OH-väelle.

73 de Toni, OH2UA

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Hi Folks:

We are getting close to WRTC 2006.
We would like to have the referee team completed before the end of the year
Each competing team will have a full-time Referee to monitor implementation
of the rules. After all, a level playing-field is vital. Therefore each of
the 45 teams needs a Referee. We already have many applications for this
position but more would be welcomed, so that the most experienced can be
selected for the job.
Note that we would be glad to receive Referee applications from those who
are still hopeful of gaining a Competitor place, in case they fail to be
awarded one. They would drop off the Referee list if succeeding.
Referees need to be fully conversant with *all* the rules and need to stay
awake for 24 hours to monitor their team. They also, naturally, need to
have wide contesting-experience on both modes and to be on-site in time for
the briefing meetings before the contest.
This is a fascinating experience, believe me. It is not easy to stay quiet
when observing operating-errors, but this is a major
learning-experience and thoroughly enthralling. G4BUO's name was pulled out
of the hat to referee the N5TJ/K1TO winning team
in Finland. He said afterwards: "I learned so much".
Please send your brief contesting curriculum vitae to these three
py5eg at inepar.com.br <mailto:py5eg at inepar.com.br> 
k1zz at arrl.org <mailto:k1zz at arrl.org> 
g3sxw at compuserve.com <mailto:g3sxw at compuserve.com> 

Best 73 and thanks for supporting WRTC 2006

Atilano de Oms
Av. Luis Alberto 1262 - Araraquara - SP CEP 14802-620

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