[CCF] Huonohko roottori markkinoilla - parisee kun kaantaa antennia

jukka.klemola@nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Tue Nov 8 11:41:07 EST 2005

Mine is a few years old and is a big noise generator, too - especially
on 6m. The noise comes from the reed relay rapidly pulsing a static 5VDC
source while the rotor turns - essentially a small spark gap transmitter
sitting way up in the air. I use RG-8X for this signal line as suggested
by M2, but it doesn't help at all. Any filter would degrade the shape of
the square wave, and I don't know if the pulse counter is robust enough
to handle a rounded-off waveform. 73, Dan KB5MY/6 > How newer? My orion
is a year old and it generates noise. > > Matt > W5LL > ----- Original
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 8:16 AM > Subject: [TowerTalk] M2 Orion
2800DC is a Noise Generator > > >> My second M2 Orion 2800 generates
quite a bit of RF noise as it turns. >> It is an older unit. I
understand there is some filtering in the >> newer units. I'd like to
resolve this before this weekend. Has >> anybody dealt with this
problem? What do you suggest? I am thinking >> about installing an EMI
line filter on the DC drive lines just >> outside the rotor. >> >> 73,
>> >> Jim Idelson K1IR 

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