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Seppo Sisatto Seppo.Sisatto at uta.fi
Sat Sep 24 23:02:29 EDT 2005

Hyvät ystävät,

Olen vastaanottanut lauantai-iltana oheisen viestin, joka koskee työskentelyä
taajuudella 14 265 khz. Sitä käytetään nyt hätäliikenteeseen, jonka 
häiritsemistä on vältettävä.

73, Seppo OH1VR

          the following request has been received from the UK/Europe 
Co-ordinator for SATERN, the Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network 
regarding communications in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.

"I have received a request from Ms. JUNE STIRRAT, G4DGX, organiser for 
the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN), asking if the 
RAYNET HF team could police the band used for hurricane relief in the 
States as European QRM affected those working in the States during the 
last hurricane, and she does not want the same thing to happen with the 
current hurricane.

The frequency is 14.265 MHz, which has Federal protection in the States.

Working will start at Midnight UTC today and will continue until 
advised (likely to be about three days.)

The problem time is about one hour before dusk in this country, so 
policing between 19:00 and 20:00 should be sufficient."

Currently OH0Z is operating along with other stations in the SAC 
contest adjacent to the SATERN frequency and are working stations in 
the USA. I suspect that SATERN operations will not start on 14MHz for a 
few hours yet but when they do, stations operating in the SAC contest 
may think that they have prior claim to the frequency and cause 
interference to the emergency operations in the USA.

The RAYNET HF team cannot easily 'police' these frequencies in a 
contest situation and the request for help should probably be 
circulated wider to try and get operators to avoid emergency 

As IARU Region 1 emergency co-ordinator could you please do the following ?

1/ Contact the ARRL and verify the 'federal protection' claimed by 
SATERN for their use of 14.265.

2/ If possible contact the major contest stations like OH0Z and request 
they stay clear of 14.265 and the other frequencies currently in use 
for emergency operations in Region 2.


Greg Mossop

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