[CCF] I: 9V1 avasi 40m bandiaan t Jouko / OH1RX

Jouko Häyrynen jouko.hayrynen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Sep 30 08:33:04 EDT 2005

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Subject: 	iDA Approves Allocation of 7.1-7.2MHz to Singapore Amateur
Date: 	Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:03:57 +0800	
From: 	Peter John COOK  <mailto:peterc at starhub.com> <peterc at starhub.com>


Another SARTS success!!  I am pleased to report that yesterday iDA approved
the allocation of the 7.1- 7.2MHz band for Singapore amateurs with immediate
effect and on a secondary use basis subject to the following:
- Maximum transmit power 100watts eirp
- Spot frequencies of 7.135, 7.160 and 7.170MHz are to be avoided  (suggest
we adopt a 4kHz guard band either side of the spots)
- To adopt a "listen before talk protocol"  
- The use is on a non-interference and non-protection basis
iDA have confirmed that this band will be allocated to the amateur service
on a primary basis with effect from 29 March 2009.
I have set up a new post on the SARTS Forum
See you on 40m folks!!!  

 Kind Regards,

 Peter 9V1PC


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