[CCF] FW: Permission for CQWW 160 metre CW contest received for HS/E2 stations

Jukka Tarvainen jukka.tarvainen at pp.inet.fi
Tue Jan 24 11:44:11 EST 2006

HS-asemilla hieman leveampi kaista CQ 160 m:lla.

73 GL
Jukka, OH4MFA

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From: Tony Waltham [mailto:tonyw at mozart.inet.co.th]
Sent: 24. tammikuuta 2006 17:28
To: dx at thai.com
Subject: Permission for CQWW 160 metre CW contest received for HS/E2

  Permission has been applied for and was received from Thailand's National
Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Monday January 23 for operations on
160 metres during the CQ Worldwide 160 metre CW contest on the weekend of
Jnauary 28-29 with a frequency allocation of 1800-1825 KHz.
  Several Thailand-based stations are expected to be active during this
contest, including RAST club station HS0AC, HS0ZDJ (qsl to W2YR) and HS0ZGL
(qsl to G3TMA).
  A special request was submitted by RAST to the NTC in order to enable
participation by Thai-based stations to take part in the contest. All
stations participating in the contest should send copies of their contest
logs to RAST for submission at the end of the year to the NTC.
  Please spread the word of this activity to your DXer friends. HS/E2 and
Zone 26 are needed and sought after by many for DXCC and WAZ awards.

Here are the details
CQ WW 160 Metre / CW
28/29 January, 48HRS.
Exchange: RST + prefix or country abbreviation.
Categories: single op, multi op.
High power, low power, QRP.
Scoring: own country 2 points, other countries same.
Continent 5 points, other continents 10 points.
Maritime mobile 5 points.
Multiplier: sum of states/provinces/DXCC countries worked.
Final score: QSO points x the sum of all multipliers.
further information from www.cq-amateur-radio.com

   Sincere 73 -- and good luck in the contest,
   Tony, HS0ZDX
    Vice-president, RAST

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