[CCF] [CQ-Contest] Collected list of HQ-stations in IARU 2006 - final release

Jukka Typpö jukka.typpo at iet.ntnu.no
Thu Jul 6 15:11:28 EDT 2006

Tästä listasta näkyy puuttuvan ainakin LN2HQ (Norway).

de OH8PB

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Subject: [CCF] Collected list of HQ-stations in IARU 2006 - final release
Here is a updated and final list that I was able to gather in last few 
days of IARU Member Society HQ stations are expected to participate in 
this year's event (8-9 July):

4L0NARG   Georgia (NARG)
4N9HQ     Serbia (SRS)
5Z4RS     Kenya (ARSK)
5C8A      Morocco (ARRAM)
8N1HQ     Japan (JARL)
8N2HQ     Japan (JARL)
8N3HQ     Japan (JARL)
8N4HQ     Japan (JARL)
8N7HQ     Japan (JARL)
8N8HQ     Japan (JARL)
9K9HQ     Kuwait (KARS)
9M4SHQ    Malaysia (MARTS)
9V9HQ     Singapore (SARTS)
AT6HQ     India (ARSI)
B1HQ      China (CRSA)
B3HQ      China (CRSA)
B4HQ      China (CRSA)
B7HQ      China (CRSA)
BV0HQ     Taiwan (CTARL)
C91HQ     Mozambique (LREM)
CT1REP    Portugal (REP)
CX1AA     Uruguay (RCU)
DA0HQ     Germany (DARC)
EA5HQ     Spain (URE)
EI0HQ     Ireland (IRTS)
EM5HQ     Ukraine (UARL)
GB5HQ     U.K. (RSGB)
HG0HQ     Hungary (MRASZ)
HS0AC     Thailand (RAST)
IU1HQ     Italy (ARI)
IU2HQ     Italy (ARI)
IU4HQ     Italy (ARI)
IU9HQ     Italy (ARI)
JT3T      Mongolia (MRSF)
LR4D      Argentina (RCA)
LY0HQ     Lithuania (LRMD)
LZ7HQ     Bulgaria (BFRA)
OE1A      Austria (OVSV)
OH2HQ     Finland (SRAL)
OL4HQ     Czech Republic (CRC)
OM6HQ     Slovakia (SARA)
OP0HQ     Belgium (UBA)
OZ1HQ     Denmark (EDR)
P40HQ     Aruba (AARC)
PA6HQ     The Netherlands (VERON)
PJ2HQ     Netherlands Antilles (VERONA)
R9HQ      Russia (SRR)
S580HQ    Slovenia (ZRS)
SK6HQ     Sweden (SSA), maybe SK9HQ
SN0HQ     Poland (PZK)
T70HQ     San Marino (ARRSM)
TF3IRA    Iceland (IRA)
TI0HQ     Costa Rica (RCCR)
TM0HQ     France (REF)
W1AW/4    USA (ARRL)
XX9A      Macau (ARM)
YE1O      Indonesia (ORARI)
YR0HQ     Romania (FRR)
YV70IARU  Venezuela (RCV)

This list was gathered using last years list as a start and then updated 
and corrected to be more up-to-date. I will not update this list anymore 
as there is a contest to prepare to :)

Good luck to all in IARU contest. May the best Finnish team win the WRTC!

Juha OH6XX
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