[CCF] KH7X 80m soapbox

Toni Lindén oh2ua at oh2u.com
Tue Nov 21 08:22:00 EST 2006

Alla ote KH7X (KH6ND) SOSB 80M summarysta 3830 sivustolta.

Tarkka korvaisia kavereita OH6XX:lla.

73 de Toni, CU2/OH2UA

> The worst conditions I have ever experienced on this band from this
> station in
> 28 years of operation. No Zone 14 heard, only 1 Zone 16 station heard, and
> impossible to work him with the less than 1 second he spent listening
> between
> his CQ's. Only 4 EU stations worked, all in Zone 15, and all via long
> path,
> with much time invested calling 3 out of 4. The only EU station that
> called me
> was OH6XX, 1.5 hours before my sunrise, via long path. Thanks for
> listening, my
> friend.

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