[CCF] auringonpilkku

Pertti Turunen OH2RF oh2rf at kolumbus.fi
Wed Dec 12 07:54:55 EST 2007

Oheinen oli Daily Dx bulletiinissa.

Solarcycle24.com reports "The tiny area that has rotated onto the
eastern limb does appear to be a Cycle 24 spot.  In the first images
it did seem to have a tiny spot associated with it.  The most recent
image "as of this post" appears to be a plage area.  In the new
magnetogram it does however have the proper magnetic signature to
classify it as Cycle 24".  Check out the new spot at

onneksi olkoon ja tervetuloa jakso 24.


Tilastot osoitteeseen dxtaulukot at sral.fi

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