[CCF] Stew Perry OF4MFA Single Op LP

Jukka Tarvainen tarjuk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 12:37:43 EST 2007


Olihan mukava kokemus ajella 160:n kisaa meren ääreltä Kustavista. Simppeli
antenni riitti sadalla watilla tällä kertaa jenkkeihin saakka. Muutoin DX:t
jäivät vähiin. Kuului kyllä, mutta signaali ei riittänyt.

Hyvää uutta vuotta!

Jukka OH4MFA

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: OF4MFA
Operator(s): OH4MFA
Station: OF4MFA

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 14

Total:  QSOs = 203  Total Score = 1,348

Club: Contest Club Finland


A small contest pedition to Kustavi, IOTA EU-096, for Stew Perry. Very good
conditions on the radio. Weather was very bad, high winds and lots of rain.
install antenna after sunset and it got dark very soon. Started contest half
hour late. No time to put up coaxial loop, but there was not any problems
noise. I have never ever heard so many US/NA stations on the topband! Only
contacts with low power though. Location counts, 400 km (250 mi) southwest
my normal topband contest QTH, and surrounded by sea water. Most of contacts
Europe. Handful of DX 5B, UA9, ZC4 and W, 39 DXCC total. Heard JA, UN, KP2,
Operated only saturday-sunday night. Start to take antenna down after
and breakfast. Had to have two hours break during night to be sure not to go
over 14 hours, but no sleep. I was very tired, but happy, while driving back
home to Turku. Maybe next year I will be there with high power.

Rig: Elecraft K2/100
Antenna: 15 m high T with 25 m topwire and two elevated radials.

73 and HNY 2008!
Jukka OF4MFA

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