Ville Hiilesmaa oh2mm at nettilinja.fi
Tue Nov 27 12:48:25 EST 2007

2033 Q,  149 C,  39 Z,  Score 689.772 p

Continental breakdown:
USA&VE     454 (22%)
Europe      1174 (58%)
Japan         100 ( 5%)
Other Asia  186 ( 9%)
Other  DX   119 ( 6%)
TOTAL Qs   2033

Bad propagation, as expected. Aurora mainly bothered but occasionally opened the band to USA.
I spent about 50% of the time in Search & Pounch mode looking for new mults and answering other people's CQs.
This is necessary because OH0 has lost its status as a "hot" DX .
For example, of my 400 USA QSOs, I made about 100 answering to their CQs.

Nothing heard from zone 1.
It notheworthy that there are CURRENTLY many DX station other than JA, such as Asiatic Russia, China, Korea, and Thailand.  This is an important new source of DX QSOs now that the number of JAs is rapidly declining.

I made some QSOs on other bands (mainly on 40) signing OH0MM when there was nothing to do on 20.

73, Ville OH2MM OH0MM OH0E 

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