[CCF] SAC 2008 50th Anniversary

sm5ajv at tdcmail.se sm5ajv at tdcmail.se
Thu Aug 14 10:09:54 EDT 2008

The 50th Anniversary of the Scandinavian Activity Contest

In a little more than a month, the big event for us Scandinavian contesters
will take place - the Scandinavian Activity Contest. This year we have a
reason to be even more proud than ever, because the Grand Old Lady has her
50th Birthday!
SSA has decided to make a serious effort in promoting this anniversary
edition of SAC. An invitation letter has already been distributed to major
contest clubs and stations all over the world. The same letter will also be
distributed to all Contest Managers in each national Amateur Radio
organization. We will also prepare a letter to the Swedish amateurs in
Swedish, with the aim to stimulate the participation from Sweden.
The purpose with the extra effort in marketing SAC is of course to honor the
fact that the contest has been on for half a century already, and to make
this edition the best and the most active and exciting one ever, even
despite the fact that we are at the bottom of the sunspot cycle.
We Swedes are of course more than eager to show our fellow Scandinavian
contest friends that the victory in 2006 was not a one time exception!
Please have a look at the newly updated SAC Homepage: 
We would also like to encourage registration on the homepage of your planned
SAC participation in either one or both legs of the contest. In this way, we
can see how many stations will participate and we hope this will be
stimulating for all Nordic countries, with the mind set on the national
competition between the participating Nordic countries! 
Also take the opportunity to spread the information to amateurs in your
country about SAC 2008 - and about the massive promotion campaign that now
is taking place.
We hope to see all of you in the 50th Anniversary of the Scandinavian
Activity Contest!

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