[CCF] SAC 2008 Claimed Scores published

Jan-Eric Rehn jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Wed Dec 17 22:53:29 EST 2008

Hello contest friends,

The Claimed Scores for SAC 2008 are now published!

Links can be found on the 1st page on SM3CER Contest Service
at: http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/

If the claimed scores made by you or your software differ from the scores
published, the reason can be that the claimed scores are made by the log
checking program on equal basis.

If you participated and did send a log, please have a look to see that your
category is OK. Please also check that I've got the correct operator call,
if you used a club or special call and the correct operators, if you were in
any of the multi classes.

I will now concentrate on checking the logs for the final results and hope
to get those out as soon as possible - but please don't ask me when - I'm
working as fast I can...

73 de Jan, SM3CER

P.S. ...and yes, OH seems to have made it again, even if SM was very close
on SSB! D.S.

Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER - Vanity calls: 7S3A - SA3R - SF3A
SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
E-mail: sm3cer at contesting.com - sm3cer at ssa.se
Skype: janericrehn
SM3CER Contest Service: http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/
SK3BG Web Site: http://www.sk3bg.se/
Also QRV in MS or MM from: SI9AM - SK3IK - SK3W - SL3ZV
K6U at WRTC-96 / Referee at WRTC-2000, 2002 and 2006

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