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Toni on eläin, onnittelut loistavasta scoresta.

Timo, OH6GLE

Toni Lindén <oh2ua at oh2u.com> kirjoitti: 
> Kiitoksia kaikille OH QSO:ista.
> Ja CW:llä sitten uudestaan.
> 73 de Toni, OH2UA
>                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB
> Call: CU2X
> Operator(s): OH2UA
> Station: CU2X
> Class: SOAB HP
> QTH:
> Operating Time (hrs): 48
> Radios: SO2R
> Summary:
>  Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
> ------------------------------
>  160:  273    16       60
>   80:  767    24       95
>   40: 1368    28      102
>   20: 2532    32      118
>   15: 3035    33      124
>   10:   39     8       19
> ------------------------------
> Total: 8014   141      518  Total Score = 11,421,129
> Club:
> Comments:
> Well what can one say after claiming the new European record at this point of
> cycle with over 8000 QSO's and practically without 10M... I'm very happy! Also
> I'm very proud of having a privilege to operate from such a station as CU2X.
> Building the contest station in Azores has been my dream since the very early
> days of my contesting career. It was year 1996 when Ville, OH2MM, had a
> presentation in the contest forum of Finnish Amateur Radio Union meeting. Ville
> told us about the ham radio population and selecting the optimal QTH. The final
> conclusion in Ville's presentation was that you have to be in between
> North-America and Europe and have some kind of multiplier value (and that's how
> EA8BH/EA8EA QTH was founded).
> I went home from that meeting, took World Atlas and realized how stupid those
> guys were. Why they just didn't look the map? It took me only 5 minutes for
> understanding that OH2BH and OH2MM went to wrong place! Why they went to Canary
> Islands even tough Azores was a lot better QTH in the middle of Atlantic Ocean,
> just as Ville had told us a couple of hours ago?
> Well, you have to remember that I was 15 years old boy at the very beginning of
> my contesting career after holding my license only for a couple of months and
> not understanding anything about differences of 3 point/QSO location and 1
> point places not to mention about MINIPROP analyzes or other simulations
> needed. But my dream of contesting from Azores was born.
> It was maybe five years later when I made my first SO contest from DX location
> at OH0 and at the same time talks about finding the best QTH in Europe with
> Martti, OH2BH, began. When project went on we were fortuned to have Juha,
> OH8NC, with us. Juha's been always interested in projects where one can do
> something that's never been done before, like Arkala Extremes in amateur
> radio.
> As one can see, it's been quite a long project first analyzing what part of
> Europe we should be located, investigating out the possible countries in that
> area and ultimately finding the local contacts and QTH. And of course finally
> setting up the station. In the process several alternative location, such as
> Albania and Montenegro, were investigated.
> CQWW SSB 2008 was the first contest from our new QTH. Years of hard work seems
> to be paying off, at least according to the results of our first attempt.
> Project as large as this one could never be succeeded by individual person. All
> of the time we've been doing things as a team and trying to get the most of our
> personal strengthens keeping our minds that when working as team the whole is
> greater than the sum of the parts.
> As having a privilege of being the operator at CU2X in CQWW 2008 I want to
> express my greatest thanks to the whole team of Azores  Finland Friendship
> Consortium: CU2BV, CU2CE, CU2DX, OH2BH and OH8NC. Every one of you has a
> special and a much appreciated role in the team. Also I want to thank the
> Arcala Extremes contest group. Azorean activities are run as a part of larger
> mission of Arcala Extremes.
> 73 & see ya on CQWW CW at CU2
> Toni, OH2UA / CU2KI
> More detailed information, statistics etc will be posted soon at www.cu2acom
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