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*The YT1AD Log Check*

As with the CQ WW Contest Committee review of the CW log for EF8M,
radio-sport.net was able to see some of the internal discussions surrounding

the log of the eventual 2008 CW winner, Hrane Milosevic YT1AD, as he
operated 3V8BB to victory.

After being privately DQ'd in the 2004 contest, Milosevic rejects
accusations of cheating,
and you can read his letter to the CQ WW CC and radio-sport.net on the

Those with suspicions about YT1AD's operation - as with RD3AF - focused on
the possibility of other operators being involved in his Single Operator

"Hypothesis: 3V8BB is using 2nd operator and/or spotting network," read one
document circulated among CQ WW committee members.

"Analysis: The operating strategy is hectic and non-consistent. Not
characteristic to typical SO2R," it continued.

"The obvious conclusion is that he is using definitely 2nd operator and with
very high probability also packet cluster,
at least when 2nd operator is not present," reads the internal review.

"From his log we see that there was only 1 (!) break of longer than 10
minutes and that is 13 minutes exactly at 0000 after 24h."

That lack of time off was a central part of discussion into the final log
reviews in mid July for KR2Q.

"If he is cheating, it has to be with two ops, because there is no advantage
that I see that might be
due to what I'll call "current" technology," Zwiebel said in an email to
committee members.

"Other than for the received comments, and the total LACK OF OFF TIME, this
looks like a world-class op to me," he added.

"Effectively, the guy never sleeps and never naps."

Log checkers focused a great deal on second radio QSO's made by Milosevic,
looking for any hints that a second operator might be involved.

"He probably has 2nd operator helping out with those QSYs as some of them
are done in very high rate situation
and would be very hard to pull off even with fully efficient SO2R system,"
said one CQ WW CC review.

Also raising eyebrows was evidence that 3V8BB made many second radio
contacts which correlated to spots
on the packet cluster, and then made none at all for lengthy periods.

"In the second day there are no SO2R QSOs before 0627 and then suddenly
active SO2R activity begins," the review states.

Normally (the) operator should be able to make more SO2R QSOs in the hours
of lower rate.
Why does he not make any from 0000 to 0600 when rates are low?? "

Despite all the internal questions, in the end, the 3V8BB log was accepted,
and the 2008 SOAB HP title was won by YT1AD.

One thing is for sure at this point, if YT1AD is back in Tunisia to defend
his title this year,
it would seem logical that he would be at the top of the list for a possible
in-contest visit as outlined under the new 2009 CQ WW DX Contest rules.

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