[CCF] Russian DX Contest approaching quickly!

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 03:15:18 EST 2009


Even if quite some time remains until the Russian DX Contest takes place on
March 21st-22nd (1200-1200 UTC). I take this opportunity to distribute some
promotion for this nice Worldwide Contest.

The Russian DX Contest is the Radiosport event that increases mostly in
popularity among all major contests. During the last 10 years, the amount of
logs have increased from 600 to almost 3300 logs last year. This is quite an
amazing development. The Finnish participation increased a lot between 2207
and 2008, but still only 25 of the 3260 logs came from OH. Could be MUCH

The format 24 hours and the possibility for All to work All contributes to
the fact that more and more people find this contest interesting. Additional
to that, RDXC is probably one of the most well-organized contests, which
also helps when it comes to attract new participants and to make old ones
return every year.

Why not already now mark the dates for RDXC in your family calendar and
decide to allocate 24 hours or as much as you want/can in this contest?
XYL/YL can easily be convinced that this is a great contest... 24 hours
instead of 48!
A lot of categories exist and a lot of awards and plaques are issued.

The contest has a very nice homepage in English
Planned activity can be registered on

Lots of Russian stations listened on our promotion for SAC 2008 and this
could be a great opportunity to pay back for the great activity from Russia
in our own competition. By increasing OH and other Scandinavian activity in
RDXC it is easier for us to have success when trying to attract big amounts
of Russian stations to work SAC. My goal is to at least DOUBLE the amount of
OH/SM and other Scandinavian stations this year.

Please see the amount of participants from 2008:

73 de R3/SMRLRR, Mats

PS  It was great to meet so many OH contesters during the very
well-organized and fun CCF Cruise!  Hope to be able to see you again next

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